3. Seek Advice from a Counsellor

It may be helpful and a good idea to make an appointment with a counsellor, if you are still at school, then it would be a school counsellor.

Sometimes we wish to tell certain people in our lives but they don't have the time of day to listen or get distracted with other aspects, so a counsellor is a great idea since they have all the time in the world.

They also have experience with talking through these matters and are trained to listen and help you work through a few solutions.

Everything you say with a counsellor should be kept strictly confidential, or at the very least be shared with your parent or caregiver. Although you may not wish for them to find out and be told, you have to remember that it's their job to look after you at all times. You are their priority and they will want to help if you're going through a rough time. Bullying is a very serious matter which affects victims in many different ways.

Avoid the Bully if Possible
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