9 Unforgettable Ideas for a Senior Trip ...

It's about time to start brainstorming ideas for a senior trip, if you haven't had yours planned since freshman year! Your senior trip needs to be memorable, because it's your last and greatest adventure of high school. If you're having trouble coming up with perfect ideas for a senior trip, check out my list of dream senior trips!

1. Camping

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One of the simplest, most inexpensive, and most fun ideas for a senior trip is a camping trip! If youโ€™re outdoorsy, this is probably the senior trip of your dreams! Sleeping in tents, watching the sunrise, hiking early in the morning, but if youโ€™re like me, all of that doesnโ€™t sound so appealing... But you can still enjoy a semi-traditional camping trip and stay in a cabin near the beach or in the mountains, with running water and real beds, but Mother Nature right on your door step!

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