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Best Tips for Buying a Prom Dress ...

By Carly

Want some tips for buying a prom dress? For any high school student, next to things like exams and college applications, it would be fair to say that preparing for prom is one of the most important, exciting and potentially stressful events that you have to go through at this time! Prom should be one of the most fun nights of your young life, but that doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank for it or go against a style you like in favour of what happens to be trendy in mainstream fashion right now. Picking out a dress is the most important part of the whole experience, so here are some great tips for buying a prom dress that you will absolutely love.

1 Comfort

Getting something comfortable is one of the most valuable tips for buying a prom dress. We all want to look as amazing as possible, but that won’t count for anything if you don’t feel comfortable in your dress. You need to make sure that it is as practical as it is stunning, because the whole point of prom is to be able to let your hair down and have a great time on the dance floor. It’s not just about taking that beautiful picture before you leave!

2 Sit Test

Before you buy a dress, make sure that you do the sit test! Trying things on in a department store dressing room means that you only get to experience how to dress is stood up, but you also need to factor in the car ride to prom and then the periods of sitting at tables that you will be doing. If it doesn’t let you sit gracefully, then it's not the one.

3 Boob Support

You also need to factor in the idea that you probably won’t be wearing a bra to prom and therefore need to find a dress that comes with some inbuilt support. Most prom dresses come with spaghetti straps or completely strapless, so you need to think about getting the support from somewhere!

4 Movability

So you sit down it in for the car ride, but is it movable enough for you to be able to bust out all of your favourite dance moves? What’s the point in going to prom if your dress isn’t going to let you enjoy dancing with your date? It is one of the fundamental parts of the entire experience.

5 Confidence

You need to make sure that you feel confident in your dress choice rather than picking a style just because it is on trend. If you aren’t confident with a strapless dress, then don’t go for a strapless dress; it’s as simple as that! There are too many choices out there for you to end up with something that makes you feel vulnerable.

6 Matching Shoes

Footwear can sometimes be an afterthought in the dress buying process, but it is vital that you have some shoes that match your outfit! Matching shoes can really bring an ensemble together, so you might want to start by picking your best pair and then looking for a dress that suits them.

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