Why It Really Doesn't Matter if You're Not Popular at School ...

By Alison

Why It Really Doesn't Matter if You're Not Popular at School ...

Do you ever ask yourself, does being popular matter at school?

Do you feel like you're the unpopular one at school? Does it seem like everyone else has loads of friends, but you're just not part of the crowd? You shouldn't ask yourself, does being popular matter at school - here's why …

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1 Some People Have to Buy Their Friends

document, mobile device, Get, in,, loser., Have you ever wondered how the popular kids get to be so popular? Often it's based on really shallow things like wearing the right clothes or having a pool. If you have to buy your popularity, then those people aren't really your friends. Isn't it better to have a few friends who like you for who you are, not for material reasons?

2 Quality, Not Quantity

person, You, canit, sit, with, It doesn't matter if you can count your friends on the fingers of one hand. Those friendships are likely to be a lot more meaningful than having a lot more friends who aren't actually there for you when you need them. Quality friendships will be far more valuable to you - and will last much longer than superficial friendships.

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3 Other People's Opinions Aren't Important

person, hairstyle, singing, singer, profession, It really doesn't matter if other people don't think you're the coolest person in school. Their opinions aren't important. They're not writing the rulebook on life! So it doesn't matter if they don't count you as one of their circle. It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you, and may simply be that you don't really click with each other.

4 You Have Your Good Points, and There's Nothing Wrong with You

hair, hairstyle, album cover, red hair, Your, Popularity isn't everything, and it doesn't mean that you're lacking in any way. You have plenty of good points if you only gave yourself credit. Not being popular doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with you. You have something to offer the world, and your real friends like you the way you are.

5 High School Will Be behind You One Day

eyebrow, person, nose, close up, cheek, Your high school life won't last forever. It'll all be behind you one day, and so will the worry about not being popular. So why fret that you don't have lots of friends? You'll grow in confidence as you get older, and will worry less about what other people think about you.

6 People Skills

person, emotion, alcohol, laughter, There, Some people are popular because they have good people skills, or because they're confident and attract others towards them. But if you don't have these skills, don't worry - you can learn them or fake them. You might be surprised to learn that some of these outwardly confident people are just as nervous as you are inside - they're just good at faking it!

7 Life is Not a Contest

Rally Ecuador, guitarist, person, singing, performance, Life isn't a race or a contest, and it doesn't matter if you're not Prom Queen. What matters most is being true to yourself and enjoying life. You don't need to try to equal anyone else in the popularity stakes, so relax and concentrate on building a few meaningful friendships that will enhance your life.

Don't beat yourself up because you don't have tons of friends. What matters is having friends who make you laugh, love you as you are, and are always there to support you. You don't need to count everyone in the school as your friend, or try to equal anyone else. How do you think you can be the best friend possible?

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Omg, i hate the girls at school! All they care about is to be popular, Why not just injoy life and be yourself

For all of you guys going through a tough time just remember that even the worst days still have 24 hours. And you never know maybe that bully that you just want to punch, will be washing your car one day or bagging your groceries at WalMart!

But I would like to know, if anyone knows how can you "fake it" to have better people skills?

A real friend is willing to say it hoe it is and a fair weather friend is the one who pretends to be your friend until you are a disagreement and the y run a mile. Good friends don't have to be long term but just real. Sometimes a friend might not be good for u but perfect for someone else. So if u fall out with a friend send them blessings and let them go.

I'm in 6th grade and it's horrible. And my teachers choose favorites. Like it's horrible. One of my teachers would by a popular student stuff and let her her and chew gum in glass and give her special advantages.

Yes absolutely true. My friend is my brain for my future...

Thanks for the article Alison! I completely agree that remembering that high school doesn't last forever is important. I was so preoccupied about cliques in high school, but when I got to college, no one cared about that at all. Change will come! :)

Amazing stuff! Be blessed!

Thank you for this Alison!

I was a terrible geek in high school. Ferociously teased. Just a couple friends but they were pretty and talented so they were cheerleaders. I cried a lot. Then I hit college. And an Air Force career that no one else could qualify for because all I did was study in college. So I've traveled the world, made friends all over Japan and Korea. I've been to tropical islands no one knows about. And I have a wonderful husband and 3 pretty cool kids...and a rascal of a granddaughter. Consider high school as payment for fantastic things to come. You earned it.

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