Scary Halloween Party Games ...


Scary Halloween Party Games ...
Scary Halloween Party Games ...

When thinking about the paranormal, we don’t usually think about games. The paranormal is something that needs to be researched, investigated, taken seriously, and not messed with. It is never thought of a just a game.

There are some games that do have power to be very paranormal that lead to unexpected and possibly terrifying results. The popular games among teenagers are Bloody Mary and Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board. They play these games at sleepovers and parties. Teens love them because these games let them explore the unknown and they like being scared.

Paranormal researchers and adults discourage these games especially Bloody Mary and Ouija Board due to the possible negative psychological impact they could have on the participants. Spoon bending and Light as a Feather are basically harmless even if some argue that games containing any element of the unknown need to be avoided.

You should play these scary Halloween party games at your own risk.

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Spoon Bending

Uri Geller, self-proclaimed psychic and magician, is credited with making spoon bending popular. Many skeptics say this trick is just mere sleight of hand. Other people say it is a truly psychic phenomenon that anybody can do.

There have even been parties held just for spoon bending. The host will have a lot of forks and spoons on hand. These can be bought fairly cheap at thrift stores. The participants are allowed to choose a utensil they think will be easily bent. During the party, the forks and spoon will bend and twist, defying the laws of physics.

Hosting one of these parties is fairly easy. You just need to invite people you like and know. Have the atmosphere full of laughter and fun. When the participants are asked to choose their utensil, they are encouraged to ask the fork or spoon to bend for them. Hold the utensil in the air and scream, “Bend! Bend!” Rub the utensil with your fingers gently.

If it doesn’t bend, turn your focus on something else. Some say that giving the utensil no attention is necessary for getting it to bend. Some say the combination of pressure and body heat is what causes the metal to become softer and allows the utensil to bend and twist.


Bloody Mary

Conjuring up Bloody Mary has been a popular way for teenage girls to scare themselves silly for years. Bloody Mary’s spirit has become a crucial part in urban legends. Many swear they have actually seen her.

To do this you need to stand in front of a mirror in a dark room. Look into the mirror and repeat “Bloody Mary” 13 times. The legend states you will see Bloody Mary’s reflection behind you in the mirror.

There are different variations on this game, and any teenage girl will try them all, especially if she is dared to. Sometimes people will put a lighted candle in the room. The number of times you are required to say her name changes from person to person. Some say it is only three times, others say it’s 100 times. There is a variation that requires you to spin around slowly while chanting her name. You glance in the mirror with every turn.


Ouija Board

This is the most well-known paranormal game because it can be easily found in any toy store. It is a commercial version of the “talking board”, that might have been around for centuries.

The Ouija is a board game that has alphabet letters with the words “good-bye”, “no”, and “yes” printed on it. Two players will put their fingers lightly on the planchette or pointer. They will then ask the board questions and in response, the pointer will magically slide around the board and spell out answers.

Some say the pointer moves because the participants are unconsciously moving it. Others warn the Ouija might just be an open door to the spirit realm. These people include paranormal researchers and certain religious groups. They say sinister and dark forces could enter our world through this open door. It might have some negative, chilling consequences.

Due to its negative impact, many paranormal researchers say the Ouija shouldn’t be used at all. Others think it can be used safely if you cleanse your home before and after you use it. It could also be used with the help of a trained medium.


Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

This game of levitation has been done for many decades. You need a minimum of five people to do this trick. One person will lay down on the floor with their eyes closed. The other participants will stand on each side of the victim. One will be at their head, one at their feet, and then the other two will stand on either side. Everyone closes their eyes and repeat, “Light as a feather…stiff as a board,” over and over. With not much effort, the participants should be able to raise the victim off the floor.

This trick works by distributing the victim’s weight around all the participants. They are all just lifting a fraction of the victim’s weight. Using just their fingertips makes the illusion powerful. Everyone assumes that someone is too heavy to be lifted up by just our fingertips, even though there is more than one person involved.

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