Inviting Accessories to Make Your Dorm Room More Welcoming ...

By Olivia

Inviting Accessories to Make Your Dorm Room More Welcoming ...

There are many accessories for your dorm room that you'll notice people buying at the beginning of every school year, but there are just a few that will make your room much more inviting. If you feel like your dorm room looks more like a jail cell than the homey room you were hoping for when you got to college, try checking out some of these accessories for your dorm room.

Table of contents:

  1. posters
  2. christmas lights
  3. lamps
  4. rug
  5. mirrors
  6. pictures
  7. fish bowl

1 Posters

One of the classic accessories for your dorm room is posters. There are so many pretty posters that can cover up your bare dorm walls and give your room a homier look. I personally have a flowers and hearts theme in my dorm room, and the posters help cover my drab cinderblock walls. Posters are also much cheaper than regular artwork, but can look just as nice if you find the right ones. Many campuses have a poster sale at the beginning of the year, so this is a great place to find what you’re looking for!

2 Christmas Lights

When I first got to college, I realized people used Christmas lights to decorate their rooms. I absolutely love this trend! I have different color lights for different months (orange for October, colored for December, red for February), but I leave my white lights up school-year round. Christmas lights create a nice atmosphere in your room, and I get many compliments on how pretty they look around my windows and mirrors.

3 Lamps

Lamps are probably the most inviting accessory you can add to your room. Overhead lights that are typical in dorm rooms often give a strange blue tinge to the room, but lamps can make the atmosphere so much more comfortable. Investing in a set of lamps can make your dorm room feel more like your bedroom at home, and thus so much more inviting.

4 Rug

Dorm rooms can appear very cold when you are first moving in, due to the bare floors. Rugs make the room so much warmer and welcoming. (Not only that, but they muffle the sound of your roommate's heels when she's coming in at two in the morning.) There are many pretty rugs out there, so find one that matches your room’s color scheme!

5 Mirrors

I am a big fan of mirrors. Dorm rooms are known for being small, and mirrors can give the illusion of more space. Closet mirrors are very inexpensive and can be placed in many different areas of your room. If you feel claustrophobic in your room, try placing some mirrors around the walls and watch it open up!

6 Pictures

Almost everyone I know has pictures of their family and friends around their desks or beds. These are nice touches to a dorm room and are often a conversation starter when you have friends over. There are also so many ways to organize your photos around your room, so this is an accessory you can have fun creating!

7 Fish Bowl

If you want to add a really homey touch to your dorm room, try adding a fish! Fish are so easy to take care of and can look so pretty on an empty shelf in your dorm room.

Decorating your dorm room is the best thing you can do to make it feel more inviting. What are some other accessories you keep in your dorm room to create a homey atmosphere?

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