How to Be the Most Popular Girl in High School ...

By Sonya

How to Be the Most Popular Girl in High School ...

High school can be an absolute jungle. I should know, I managed to get through it to live to tell the tale! Just like anything else in life, school can be a lot easier if you find a way to make it work for you, and being popular is definitely a way to make your life a little more bearable on a day to day basis at that age. Here are some tips on how to be the most popular girl in high school.

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1 Smile

You should never underestimate the power of a simple smile. Putting across a warm and positive attitude will make you a figure of warmth in the hallways, and teens who might be going through a tough time are drawn to this kind of warm attitude and it will make you someone that people like to be around.

2 Socialise

Making friends in high school is pretty much a game of numbers. There is a bunch of you all in the same place all week, so put yourself in the position to meet as many of them as possible! Do things like join school clubs and sports teams and you will become a focal point of popularity among lots of different groups. This isn’t a 90s rom-com, you don’t have to belong to only one certain clique anymore!

Updated on 5/20/2023

Making friends in high school is definitely a challenge, but with the right approach, you can become the most popular girl in school! Start by joining clubs and sports teams, as this will put you in the position to meet lots of different people. Participate in group activities and get to know your classmates better. Don’t limit yourself to one clique - get involved in different social circles and don’t be afraid to start conversations. Show your classmates that you’re confident and friendly, and be open to making new friends.

You can also make yourself more visible by joining student organizations and taking on leadership roles. Show your classmates that you are passionate about something and are willing to take initiative. Participate in school events and get to know the faculty and staff. They can help you make connections and provide advice on how to navigate high school.

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3 Stand up for Yourself

You can become a popular person among your peers simply by standing up for yourself and showcasing high self esteem. Young people are really all just looking for someone to attach themselves to and follow and look up to you, so if you can evoke a strong but pleasant personality, you will find that you gain ‘followers’ of your own in the form of close friends and several admiring acquaintances.

4 Offer Help

Don’t think that you have to be a tough girl in order to be popular. Surprise, surprise, nice girls actually have more friends! Don’t be apprehensive about offering your help if you get the sense that someone needs it, whether that is to so with homework, or simply just someone who seems like they need a friend to talk to. Your good deeds will go a long way to cementing your reputation.

5 Be Yourself

You spend way too much time in school with the same people every single day to try to keep up a fake persona. Fake students always get caught out and shunned, so the best route to take if you want to be popular is simply to be yourself as much as you can. Human beings in general respond much better when they sense real authenticity, so don’t give people the chance to turn against you by being fake and weird and trying to be anything other than yourself.

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I need help becoming popular at my high school. Please help me!

#2 I want to be popular at school really bad so my friends can see haw popular I am becomeing and my teachers can see who i become .

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#1 I’m the second most popular kid in my school, but how do I become the most popular?

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