Time Management Tips to Make the Most of Your Summer Break ...


Time Management Tips to Make the Most of Your Summer Break ...
Time Management Tips to Make the Most of Your Summer Break ...

Nothing is more fabulous than finishing another year of school and taking a few months off. Now is the time for fun and relaxation with your besties. You shouldn’t just spend the whole summer lounging around though. Taking it too easy might mean you have difficulty when school starts again and you might regret not getting more done when you had the chance. Use these handy tips to stay productive during your break and this really will be the best one ever.

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Make a List of Reading and Really Read All the Books

reading, Reading is an easy and enjoyable way to keep your vocab and focus skills up for when school starts again in the fall. Choose books you know you’ll like and it won’t even feel like work. If you have an assigned reading list from school, take 30 minutes every day to chip away at the material. That way you won’t be trying to slog through all the books the week before school starts.


Get a Fantastic Summer Job at the Amusement Park or Ice Cream Shop

girl, product, performance, recreation, Having a job will make you feel really productive and you’ll have some cash to spend on the fun stuff when you aren’t working. Many places hire teens for the summer and offer flexible schedules so you can still have fun. Try clothing shops, fast food restaurants, the amusement park or an ice cream store.


Quit Sleeping until Noon Every Day and Just Get up

yellow, day, sitting, girl, interaction, Nothing makes you feel lazier than lying in bed until it’s lunchtime. Indulge yourself now and then, but try to get up at a reasonable hour every morning. It’s hard to be productive when you cut into your time by sleeping half the day away. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can get things out of the way when you’re fresh and the day feels new. No more mowing the backyard when it’s 90 degrees outside!


Plan Some Fun Crafts or Projects to Fill Your Time

girl, It’s fun and rewarding to make something with your own hands and planning some projects keeps you motivated. Maybe you want to knit your older cousin a blanket for her baby that’s on the way or you want to make a fabulous new necklace for your bestie’s birthday. Whatever it is, buy all the materials and create a timeline for getting it done. You might even have time leftover to make something for yourself.


Look for a Volunteer Opportunity and Commit to Time Spent

property, community, tree, male, roof, Volunteering is incredibly satisfying and summer break is the perfect time to do it. Maybe you’ll deliver meals to shut-ins or read to toddlers at the library. Perhaps you’ll tutor summer school kids or shop for an elderly neighbor. All of these things will keep you productive and they make great additions to your college applications and future resume. Be sure to pick volunteer work you enjoy so that you don’t quit before school starts again.


Take a Class or Two at the Community College to Get Ahead

event, Sure, it’s summer break, but if you have a couple of hours of week with nothing to do, you can take a class at the local college so you have less to complete when you finish high school. This is a great way to keep your brain in shape and makes the future something to look forward to.


Don’t Pack in Too Much Stuff – You Need a Break Too

sea, body of water, horizon, shore, beach, Nothing kills a productive mindset like never getting time off. Make sure you stay productive, but build in lots of breaks too so you don’t get resentful and angry that you never have any free time. Plan plenty of pool time with your friends and make sure you spend some time alone too.

How will you spend you summer break? Which of these ideas are you going to try this summer?

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