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Girl's Guide to Getting Your Parents to Listen to You when You Think They Don't Understand ...

By Valencia

Your parents make the household rules and tell you what to do. As an obedient child, you listen. But sometimes, you need your parents to listen to you. It’s difficult for some parents to loosen their grip and give their children a say in their lives. But with the right tactic, you can get your parents’ to listen to your reasoning.

1 Choose the Right Time to Speak with Your Parents

newscaster, If you're trying to persuade your parents to let you do something, or if you don't agree with a house rule, speak to your parents and discuss the situation in a mature manner. There's a wrong and a right time to approach the situation. It’s best to speak with your parents at a time when they’re relaxed and calm. Also, wait until your emotions are calm before bringing up the subject.

2 Watch Your Attitude and Tone

screenshot, Although you feel strongly about your point of view, it's important to watch your attitude and tone. If you come off as rude or get loud with your folks, they might end the conversation and refuse to listen to your reasoning. Even if you have valid points, a bad attitude can ruin any chance of your parents being flexible.


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3 Know Your Main Points

facial expression, hair, face, person, nose, Before speaking with your parents, get an idea of the points you want to bring up. Make sure you're able to back up your point of view with sound reasoning. Getting your thoughts together ahead of time allows you to speak clearly, and it can alleviate misunderstandings between you and your folks.

4 Write a Letter

text, handwriting, font, calligraphy, Reasoning with your folks might be difficult, especially if your parents always interrupt or talk over you. In this case, it might be better to write a letter or email. This is an excellent way to get all your thoughts on paper. You can express yourself clearly without interruptions or fear that you'll forget to bring up a valid point in a face-to-face discussion. Also, with your thoughts written down, your parents can refer back to the letter if they need clarification.

5 Listen to Their Viewpoint

hair, face, nose, blond, mouth, Communication and reasoning go both ways. So don't monopolize the conversation with your point of view. Parents have the right to explain their view on matters. You might make a good argument for why you should be allowed to do something, yet they might have a better argument for why you shouldn’t go down a path.

6 Don’t Insist

black, black and white, monochrome, monochrome photography, portrait, Having a discussion with your parents and explaining your point of view doesn't mean things will go in your favor. Your parents might adjust their viewpoint, or their opinion might remain the same. Regardless, don't insist that your parents change their mind.

7 Give It Some Time

romance, Don't expect an immediate response from your parents. Give them time to reflect on the arguments or points you've made. Together, they might need to weigh both sides of the issue to ensure they make a decision with your best interest in mind.

At the end of the day, your parents want what's best for you. So while you might not agree with their rules or decisions on matters, everything they do or say is for your protection. What are other tips for getting your parents to listen to your reasoning?

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