9 Ways to Write an Essay Your English Teacher Will Love Reading ...


9 Ways to Write an Essay Your English Teacher Will Love Reading ...
9 Ways to Write an Essay Your English Teacher Will Love Reading ...

Believe it or not, there are ways to write an essay your English teacher will love reading! It’s every teacher’s goal to watch their students develop into mature writers throughout the year, unfortunately this dream doesn’t always come true. When it does, your teacher will be over the moon! Check out these ways to write an essay your English teacher will love if you want to make their day and improve your grade!

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Elevate Your Diction

One of the simplest ways to write an essay that will remind your English teacher why they began teaching in the first place is to elevate your diction! See what I did there? I elevated my diction instead of writing, “use fancy words”. Which sounds better? Writing with scholarly, collegiate diction will add depth and character to your essay! And that will make your English teacher fall in love with your essay. If you have trouble coming up with elevated diction to incorporate into your essays, check out my article on words to use in your essays that will impress your English teacher!


Make It Rhetorically Dense

Remember all of those rhetorical strategies you learned back in the day? Like rhetorical questions, repetition, allusions etc. Well, those are exactly what take your writing to the next level! English teachers love seeing that their students actually digested the information they taught their class, and the best way to show them you did is in your writing! Plus, rhetorically dense writing is what all great speeches, essays, and novels have in common, so if you want to please any reader, rhetoric is a must!


Rhetorical strategies are a great way to make your writing stand out and show your English teacher that you’ve been paying attention in class. Repetition, allusions, and rhetorical questions are all great ways to add depth and interest to your writing. In addition to making your writing more interesting, using rhetorical strategies also makes your writing more persuasive. By appealing to your audience’s emotions and using persuasive language, you can make your writing more convincing and memorable.

Rhetorical strategies can be found in some of the greatest speeches, essays, and novels. Authors like William Shakespeare, George Orwell, and J.K. Rowling all used rhetorical strategies to make their writing more powerful and memorable. Even if you’re not writing a novel or a speech, you can still use rhetorical strategies to make your writing stand out.

In addition to rhetorical strategies, there are other ways to make your writing more interesting. Using vivid descriptions, strong verbs, and active voice can all help draw your reader in and keep them engaged. By using a variety of techniques, you can make your writing more interesting and engaging.


Avoid Clichés

Teachers get tired of reading clichés over and over in essays, so try to avoid them. Phrases like “in any way, shape, or form” and “in this day and age” are what the Oxford Dictionaries' list as most common clichés to look out for in writing. While to a common reader like you and me, these phrases don’t seem so bad, teachers read them so often that they detract from the quality of an essay. To avoid clichés, try to brainstorm alternate, artful ways to rephrase your ideas. This will make your English teacher admire your writing more than any other student’s!


Reference Scholarly and Literary Sources

Your English teacher went to college to study English, which means they’re well-read individuals. What takes writing to the next level is often a certain amount of references to scholarly and literary sources. Doing so will help back up your arguments as well as make the reading experience for your teacher much more enjoyable!


Incorporate quotations or themes from respected authors, critics, and philosophers that tie into your essay topic. Don't forget that proper formatting for citations is a must, so use MLA, APA, or Chicago style as your teacher prefers. When you reference these sources correctly, it shows you’ve done your homework and you’re not just making assertions—you’re participating in a broader scholarly conversation. And who knows, your teacher might even discover a nugget of wisdom or a poignant perspective through your paper!


Have a Plan

Every essay you write should have a plan. Making an outline will help accomplish this, so that your essay is focused and direct the entire time. When you have a plan for your essay, your teacher won’t get confused or distracted by you going off on a tangent. Then, they’ll have the chance to truly love and appreciate your essay!


Let It Flow

While having a plan helps a ton, you should still let your writing flow. Writing robotically and systematically will get the job done, but that’s about it. You should infuse your personality into your writing, let the thoughts flow, and allow the essay to develop on its own! This will make the essay stand out from the other dozens of essays your teacher has to read, and they’ll love it because of that!


Take Their Advice

If your teacher taught you how to write an introduction, body paragraph, or conclusion a certain way, it’s because they love that method and have experienced success with it in the past. Don’t disregard their foolproof methods; take their advice and write the way you’ve been taught. If you stick to your teacher’s formula, but still manage to make your essay personal, you’re guaranteed to write something your teacher will love!


Be Creative

The best writing is always bursting with creativity! Certainly facts and evidence are necessary too if you want to write a successful essay, but in order to make your English teacher love your essay, you need to be creative. I can’t tell you what creativity is; you’ve got do discover your creative touch all on your own! But I know that your essay will be much more impressive when you write creatively.



Last but certainly not least, edit! It’s difficult to love an essay that has simple grammar and spelling mistakes throughout it. An unedited essay sends a message of carelessness and laziness but a polished essay says “Give me an A!”. Your English teacher will love the essay for being well-written and free of silly mistakes, unlike your peers’ essays.

English teachers read so many essays that it’s a wonder they have any time to do anything else! But every once in a while, one essay can rise above the others and provide your teacher with genuine appreciation of it. Which one of these tips will you follow to write an essay your English teacher will love? What other tips do you have for young essayists?

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Thanks for the advice! I love writing and could always use some extra tips! Another I have is to take your time. I am guilty of doing homework last minute, but that can be a bad idea, especially with an essay. Use all of the time your teacher gives you until it's due wisely. If you do it in a rush, your work will look sloppy and there will probably be lots of typos or mistakes. A paper always turns out better if it's well thought out and that way you can incorporate any last minute ideas you might have! :)

i needed these tips badly. thank you❤️

Hope Deez work!

thanks for a improvement on my writng. I know my 'fancy words' and proper diction. i just needed a extra advice column. thanks

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