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Video Inspo for Valentine's Day Date Ideas for Teens ...

By Laura

Looking for some Valentine's Day date ideas for teens? As if dating as a teen isn’t hard enough most of the time, NOW we’ve got to throw Valentine’s Day into the mix and confuse things even more! Thankfully Aspyn Ovard put together this video on Tumblr with these Valentine's Day date ideas for teens that are inexpensive and not over the top.

From a drive-in date (no movie required because a car picnic is so much cuter and way more fun) to dressing up and making your own fancy yet sweet date, Aspyn found the best of Tumblr teen date ideas. Whether you’re still in high school or just newly out and in college, you and your SO will have a blast with these date ideas inspired by Tumblr. Use them to create your own unique experience, or follow the tips provided to be sure things go off without a hitch, whatever you decide I’m sure your Valentine’s Day will be romantic, special, and great.

So check out the video below and start prepping your teenage Valentine’s Day dream date with your special someone this year.

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