Stylish Strapless Dresses That Are Perfect for Prom ...

Prom season is right around the corner and getting your dress is one of the most enjoyable things about the big dance. Strapless dresses are trending in a big way, but you want to wear them tastefully so you don't show off more skin than is appropriate for your age. Here are some wonderful choices that will let you rock the strapless style with all the elegance and sophistication that a lady should have.

1. Long and Sparkly

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Isn't this a gorgeous pink color?

2. Beaded Bustier

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The beads on this dress give it class and style that you will totally love.

3. Royal Blue Color

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Not only is this one super affordable, but it's also a really pretty color.

4. Big and Fluffy

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Do you love this as much as I do?

5. Pretty in Purple

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Wouldn't you love to wear this to your prom?

6. A Little Bit Daring

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This one lets you show a little bit of skin in a tasteful way.

7. Longer in the Back

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You can save a load of money on this cute prom dress.

8. Lovely in White

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The detailing at the waist makes this the perfect dress for your prom.

9. Fancy Mermaid Dress

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10. Something a Little Different

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If you don't want to look like all the other girls, this is the dress for you.

11. Sweet Little Bow

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Don't you just love the bow on this dress?

12. Basic Black

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You can never go wrong with a black prom gown.

13. Pretty Minty Green Color

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The color of this dress is super trendy right now so you'll look lovely in this prom gown.

14. Lots of Ruffles

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You'll definitely turn some heads in this dress.

15. Looking Hot in Red

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You'll really stand out in a shocking red prom dress. Love it!

16. Totally Glamorous

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What girl wouldn't love to wear this to her prom?

17. Flared Skirt

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You'll be the belle of the ball in this gown.

Which one do you love the most? Where is your prom being held this year?

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