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7 Lies You Were Told in High School ...

By Vladlena

Around the time junior or senior year rolls around, you begin to fully realize all of the lies you were told in high school. I am not talking about any factual lies based on the educational curriculum, although I am sure there were some of those too, but rather I'm talking about the lies about your life during and after high school. While we all know the school administration and faculty only say what is best for us, it doesn’t mean that what they say is accurate. So let’s uncover the lies you were told in high school and clear things up.

1 These Will Be the Best Four Years of Your Life

One of the first lies you were told in high school is that these four years will be the best four years of your life. While that might definitely be the case, it is not true most of the time. This is not to degrade the educational system, this is solely based on the fact that high school is just a start! We have so many things ahead of us that these four years can’t possibly be the highlight of our lives.

2 Writing in Cursive is a Necessary Skill

Out of all four years of my high school career, the only time that I had to write in cursive was when I took my SATs. Other than that, I don’t think I was ever required to practice that skill. But how many times did you hear that writing in cursive is an essential skill? Probably one too many!

3 Phones Will Be Confiscated

While this depends on how strict your school is, I will go from personal experience. It is a given that most schools don’t allow any cellular devices to be used in school. My school in particular even went as far as saying that they are not allowed in the building. However, no matter how many times they try to put this rule into effect, it never works. Most teachers are very lenient with first time warnings, so phone confiscations are rare.

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4 You Will Use This Knowledge One Day

How many times were you sitting in class and asking yourself when you were going to need to know this material later in life? When else would you need to know how to use trigonometric substitution to find the integral of an equation? Nonetheless, every teacher drills it into your head that one day you will rely on this information.

5 Every Teachers is Here to Help You

Yes, a part of this statement is true, but this doesn’t apply to every teacher you will ever have. You would be lucky to find a teacher who will guide you in the right direction and teach you valuable lessons that don’t just pertain to their subject. Finding a teacher like that is rare because most of them try to keep things professional.

6 All Teachers Treat Students Equally

Now while we all would love to believe this, the truth is that teachers pick and choose their favorites unconsciously. They might think they are treating everyone equally but everyone can see that this is not the case. Some teachers tend to favor some students over others and build up deep dislike for those with whom they don’t click. And as students, we have to deal with that.

7 High School Prepares You for the Real World

High school doesn’t even give you a sneak peek of what the real world is all about. It doesn’t teach you the skills that you should be taught, which is why so many students are unprepared to be on their own when they graduate. It’s unfortunate, but that is just the way the cookie crumbles.

Some things that you are told repeatedly in high school are just not true, and I say that from experience. Teachers are not trying to fool your purposely, they just don’t see the reality of the situations themselves. So what are some other lies were you told in high school?

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