The Type of Student You Are According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

The Type of Student You Are According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

Isn’t it weird, considering that there are only so many classes you can take at school, that people can turn out to be such different students? Some people love school, some people hate it, some people try super hard, some people just coast along with any effort at all. No matter what kind of experience you have over the course of your education, the one thing that we can all agree on is that when you are in the middle of it, school can either be the best time of your life or the worst! Here is what type of student you are according to your zodiac sign.

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1 Aries

You won’t settle for anything but the best. An A isn’t good enough for you, only an A+ will do. You are constantly striving to be the best in the class, but not in an annoying way.

2 Taurus

You always have the bigger picture in mind. If you only need Bs and Cs in order to get to the end goal you are aiming for, then you are only going to put yourself through enough stress to achieve just that!

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3 Gemini

In all honesty, you are smart, but you just don’t care. You turn up and you do well, but you don’t stress about school and education that same way that some of your peers do.

4 Cancer

You work hard and you meet all of your deadlines, but you are the kind of student who sits in the back and doesn’t want to contribute to lessons. You are happy to be anonymous while you learn.

5 Leo

You have a problem with authority, which means that you often find yourself spending more time in detention than participating in class!

6 Virgo

You are the kind of student who it looks to everyone on the outside is doing really well, but deep down inside you know that you are always treading water a little bit and always trying to catch up.

7 Libra

You are the number one procrastinator! You are not dumb, you’re really smart in fact, but it takes about three hours for you to complete a thirty-minute homework exercise!

8 Scorpio

You are something of a teacher’s pet, but not because you truly like them; you just know that sucking up and playing along will stand you in good stead for preferential treatment!

9 Sagittarius

You are fiercely intelligent, can hold a conversation with anyone about anything, but for some reason that just doesn’t translate in to your academic learning. You don’t have a passion for that type of set up.

10 Capricorn

Honestly, you are more interested in the social side of school than the academic. Your grades are just fine, but you are much more into knowing who is dating who, and where the next house party is going to be.

11 Aquarius

You never miss a lesson, but sometimes you are so mentally checked out that you might as well be somewhere else! Your attention span needs a lot of work.

12 Pisces

You just see school as one step on the road to a better future, and you treat it with same kind of professionalism that you one day hope to do in a great job.

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