How to Handle the Pressure of Getting a Room after Prom ...


How to Handle the Pressure of Getting a Room after Prom ...
How to Handle the Pressure of Getting a Room after Prom ...

Are you thinking about getting a room after prom? Prom is one of the most special, wonderful nights of your teenage years. It’s filled with glamour, romance and moments made for memories. But sometimes your date puts pressure on you. Here's how to handle the pressure of getting a room after prom.

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Don’t do Anything You Aren’t Certain You Want to do

You should never do anything you aren’t certain you want to do with your current boyfriend or any other person in the future. Healthy relationships are built upon respect and that includes respecting the limits of your partner. If your date or boyfriend isn’t respectful of those limits then kick them to the curb! You’re valuable and deserve better than that. Don’t allow anyone to pressure you into renting a hotel room after prom if that's something you’re not ready for.


Take Your Time Making a Decision

There’s an old quote that captures this advice well. “Act in haste, regret at leisure.” Don’t make an important decision like this without carefully thinking it over. You may decide that you’re ready for this step. Give yourself the gift of making that decision only after carefully thinking it over.


Remember Your Virginity Can Only Be Given Away Once

You may or may not be a virgin. If you are, remember that you can only give your virginity away once. It’s a special gift that you want to give to the right person. Even if you aren’t a virgin, you still want to guard your body and your heart carefully. Every person you sleep with is going to become a permanent part of your sexual history so think about that carefully before agreeing to get a room after prom.


Suggest Other after-prom Activities

If you don’t want to get a room after prom then suggest some other after-prom activities. Getting a room isn’t the only option once prom is over. Go out to eat with some friends, catch an extra late night movie or go to a prom lock-in. It may sound a little nerdy but all of these activities can actually be fun.


Talk to Someone You Look up to

It can be helpful to talk to someone you look up to when you’re trying to make an important decision. Usually, it’s best to choose someone who’s older because they have more life experience to advise you with. They can look back and see their mistakes and help prevent you from making the same ones. This could be one of your parents but it could also be a sister, aunt or another person. Make sure it’s someone you trust and respect before you share your dilemma about renting a room after prom.


Consider the Risks

Every time you have sex, there are risks. There’s a chance of pregnancy, even if you use birth control. There’s also a chance of getting an STD, which is a terrifying prospect! Then there are other risks such as getting caught by your parents or that you may regret your decision later. It’s always wise to weigh out the risks and decide if it’s worth it to you before getting a room after prom.


Be Honest with Your Date

If you decide that you don’t want to get a room after prom then just be honest about that. Honesty is always the best policy. What’s the worst that can happen? They dump you and decide they don’t want to be your date for prom? If they can’t respect your decision then you’re better off without them. And you can always go to prom alone; that’s not an uncommon choice these days!

These are some tips to help you handle the pressure of getting a room after prom. Are you dealing with this situation? Your comments are always welcome.

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