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Have you ever had to deal with a teacher that you just didn’t get on with? It might be that you clashed with their teaching methods, or your personalities just didn’t gel, or it could have been something that you just couldn’t put your finger on. It can have a drastic effect on how you feel about going to class, not to mention your GPA. Sometimes a teacher just doesn’t like you, and it sucks. There are some things you can do to minimize the chance of that happening, though – check them out.

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Don’t Be a Pain

It sounds obvious, but one of the best ways to get a teacher to like you is to not give them a reason to dislike you. People who have become teachers generally like kids, and like teaching, so they won’t set out to dislike you. If you’re always getting into trouble, not finishing work, talking or generally being a pain though, you’re sure to annoy them. They are only human, after all! Keep your behavior in check, and you’ll be much more likely to have a good relationship with your teacher.


Let Them Help You

Show your teacher that you’re trying to succeed by turning up to helpful extras that they host. They could hold a homework help class, or offer you five minutes after class to go through something with you. Remember that the teacher has a life outside of school too, and if they are offering their time to help you, you should be grateful. And use the time well, if it’ll help you. Boost those grades. Everyone likes a good student, and you’ll be proud, too!


Know the Rules

Pushing boundaries is part and parcel of growing up, but it’s not really a good idea in the classroom. Learn what classroom rules your teacher has, and remember them. Some teachers might not mind phones on silent, for example, whilst others might forbid them entirely. Some teachers may allow quiet discussion, and others might prefer quiet. Some classes might have seating plans. Make an effort to learn the rules and follow them, so you’re not inadvertently annoying anyone.


Read Personalities

Got a new teacher and don’t know how to behave? Read their personality for a good idea. Stern teachers are likely to appreciate quiet students who focus on their work, so get your head down and do what is expected without sucking up or being a big presence. Got an active, warm teacher? They are more likely to respond to talkative students, as long as you’re also getting your work done and you’re not disruptive.


Enough is Enough

Contrary to popular belief, the “teachers pet” is rarely the teachers favourite pupil. In fact, the teachers pet and any other tattle-tales or brown noses can be hard work. Remember that it isn’t necessary to be the loudest or the most talkative, or to ask the most questions or write the longest homework. Contribute sometimes, and you’ll be doing fine.

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It sounds easy, but don’t underestimate the effectiveness of just trying hard. Your teacher will teach the same topics and subjects over and over again. Even in your class, they will have to grade maybe 50 papers that are almost the same. Try to make your paper creative and interesting, but do read the question and ensure you answer it too! It goes without saying that you should try to get work in on time too.


Don’t Stress

Having a good relationship with your teacher is great, but it isn’t essential. Your teacher will grade you based on your work, not your friendship, so if you don’t hit it off, it doesn’t really matter. Just try not to get into trouble, and make sure that you approach your teacher for additional help if you need it. If you do feel like your teacher has graded you harshly because you don’t get on, or you’re feeling under the weather about the atmosphere, try speaking to your parents or another teacher to help formulate an action plan. Don’t suffer in silence, but also remember that it’s really not the be all and end all.

Of course, thanking your teacher when they go out of their way to help you is always nice, and when you ace those tests and get an excellent class score, make sure you show your appreciation! In the long run, though, most teachers will be thrilled to help you along your journey, and you won’t need to put much effort into making friends with them. Have you found managing teachers difficult at school?

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