Decisions Decisions... How to Choose between Your Top Two Colleges ...

By Sabrina

The time for celebrating is over and the time for stressing is here when you have to choose between your top two colleges. It sounds like a good problem, and it is! But it's still an important issue to tackle. If you need help deciding which college to attend, keep reading and I'll tell you exactly how to make a decision you won't regret!

1 Meet Peers

Thanks to the digital age, meeting your possible future classmates is easier than ever before! All you need to do is search a # for your college or look it up on Facebook and find a group. You'll start getting to know people who you might be taking classes with for the next four years, and if you like some from one school more than the other, that will definitely make deciding on which college to go to easier.

2 Talk to Professors

Other students aren't the only ones who you'll be spending the next four years with, you also have professes to deal with. See if there are some professors you really like and want to take their class at one college. Also, ask them why they think you should choose their college over another one. A future professor's perspective is a great one to have!

3 Explore the Area

When you go to visit your colleges, make sure you check out the surrounding area. See if there are some nice outdoor activities you could take part in, restaurants you'd like, or a hangout spot you could see yourself studying at with your friends. You need to make sure the area you live in is one you'll love and enjoy for your college years.

4 Sit in on Classes

If you have the opportunity, make sure you sit in on some classes. Not only will you get a vibe for what the professor's teaching style is like, but also a sense of what the classroom atmosphere and student body is like. Are the classes big or small, do people ask questions, are there open and respectful debates? These are important questions to tackle before you decide on a school.

5 Make a Pros and Cons List

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is organize your thoughts on paper. Make a pros and cons list for each of the colleges and see which one comes out with more pros. Try to be objective— don't actively try to balance out the list to make your decision harder on yourself. Rather, just let the ideas flow until you have two complete lists, then compare!

6 Seek Advice

It always helps to get other opinions, especially when you're stressed and flustered about what to do. Ask your parents, siblings, teachers, and friends what they think you should do. They know you pretty well and know where you'll succeed, so ask them for input and, if the overwhelming majority is in favor of one college, maybe you should factor that into your decision.

7 Make Money a Priority

If in the end it's a total tie, just make money a priority. If one college offers you more financial aid, go there! You won't regret it when you have less debt four years later and can start your career with less worries. Even though you might have missed some aspects of the other college, you will have had a great four years for a cheaper price, which is always great!

You should be so proud about getting into college! The battle is won, but the war is not over yet. You still need to make a decision that will change your life, but if you follow these tips, hopefully your mind will be at rest when you enroll! What other tips do you have for students deciding between their two dream schools?

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