7 Ways to Make Senior Year the Best Year ...


7 Ways to Make Senior Year the Best Year ...
7 Ways to Make Senior Year the Best Year ...

Summer has only just begun, but I’m already beginning to think of ways to make senior year the best year yet! For most, high school is somewhat of a roller coaster, but you want to end on a high point, right? Then you should try out these amazing ways to make senior year the best year of your high school experience!

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Let Loose

Let’s start at ground level. If you want to make senior year the best, then you’ve got to start off by simply letting loose! Don’t be afraid to try new things, open up, and just relax. Doing so will make having an amazing senior year infinitely easier! Even though the year is bound to be stressful, decide now to try your best to let loose senior year!


Accomplish Goals

Even though you’re letting loose, you still want to set and accomplish goals this year! Accomplishing goals will leave you feeling satisfied, and will make senior year memorable for years to come. Do what you can to get started on the path toward the future you envision for yourself. After all, what is better than getting into your dream college, or getting your first job at your dream company?


Begin by jotting down a list of aspirations you hope to achieve—be it academic excellence, leadership roles in clubs, or personal growth milestones like mastering a new skill or hobby. Next, craft a realistic action plan with deadlines to keep you on track. Remember to celebrate each victory, no matter how small, as this will fuel your motivation. Finding a balance between hard work and fun can be tricky, but it's essential. Partner with friends who share similar goals for mutual encouragement and to hold each other accountable. This collaborative spirit not only strengthens bonds but also amplifies your collective success.


Meet a New Person Every Day

A simple goal you can set for yourself that will help make senior year amazing is meeting a new person every day! This is your last year in high school, so it’s a good idea to meet as many people as possible! This will also encourage you to get out every weekend, and go to the mall or simply a local coffee shop to meet a new person that day. Everyone you meet is going to teach you something new, so why not start meeting new, interesting individuals today?


Learn a New Skill

This is your final year of high school! That means it’s your last chance to take quality classes for free, and learn a new skill just for fun. Take this opportunity to begin learning a new hobby, language, or trait. You’ll never know how learning something new will benefit you in the future!


Make Memories

Well, duh! What is senior year for if not making memories? After this year, you and your friends could quite possibly go your separate ways. While that isn’t much fun to think about, you should keep it in mind so that harsh reality can encourage you to make memories every day! Spend as much time as possible with your friends having fun, taking pictures, and making memories that will last a lifetime.


Attend Senior Activities

Part of making memories is attending all of the senior activities your school offers! That means prom, grad night, a senior trip, and anything else your school may offer exclusively for seniors! These activities are designed for making memories and making new friends. You’ll never feel more school spirited than at these events, so make sure you plan on attending during your senior year!


Live without Regrets

In fifty years, it’s more likely that you’ll regret not doing something than you will regret doing something foolish or crazy. That being said, don’t go out partying and drinking, or putting yourself in undesirable situations. Use good judgement, but try to live without regrets and keep moving forward, having the time of your life!

Senior year should be an exciting time for everyone, and you should be proud of yourself for making it through high school! Now that the end is almost here, what are you looking forward to most about senior year? How do you plan on making it the best year yet?

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been all those except meeting new people but I feel different unlike the past 3 years

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