The Ultimate Guide to Dealing with Your First Job in the Real World ...


The Ultimate Guide to Dealing with Your First Job in the Real World ...
The Ultimate Guide to Dealing with Your First Job in the Real World ...

So you got your first job. Congratulations! But... now what? How do you handle adulting like this—with responsibilities, schedules, taxes, and bosses? Before you run and quit your job out of fear, read these pointers on how to handle your very first job.

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Prioritize School

person, photography, romance, photo shoot, If you get your first job while you are in high school or college, it's important to remember that you're a student first. If you get overwhelmingly busy, your job should be the first to go. You have an entire lifetime ahead of you to earn money, but for now just focus on being the best student that you can be.


Don’t Bite off More than You Can Chew

speech, Getting your first job is exciting! It means your manager thinks you're responsible enough to work for them. But you shouldn't feel pressured to keep proving yourself. Don't take off more responsibilities than you can handle. Start with the basics and start going above and beyond when you feel ready, always at a comfortable pace.


Befriend Your Co-workers

person, screenshot, interaction, I've worked in environments where I was friends with all of my coworkers and with none of them—the difference is huge! Work will go by so much quicker if you are friends with your coworkers. So make a serious effort at hitting it off with them!


Be Honest with Yourself and Those around You

human action, person, You don't have to be the yes-woman. You know your limits in both skill set and time-commitment, but other people won't. Don't agree to doing too many tasks or taking too many shifts. If someone asks for your help, allow yourself to say no, they'll appreciate your honesty and you will save yourself a lot of stress!


Be Bold

darkness, midnight, emotion, screenshot, If your checks aren't coming in the mail, or you aren't getting paid as much as you expected, speak up! You work hard for your money and you deserve all of it. You're not the first to complain about an issue like that—it happens to a lot of people with their first jobs. So don't be afraid to be a pest until the cash starts rolling in.

Famous Quotes

One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.

Albert Schweitzer

Ask for Help

nightclub, audience, Asking for help with your first job means a lot of things. It means asking your co workers and boss for advice or help, but it also means asking your friends to be understanding. You will be more busy then ever before and they should respect that. It can also mean asking your parents for advice. Even though you're becoming more financially independent, it's still okay to ask your parents for advice related to your job or taxes.


Have Fun!

hair, hairstyle, Most importantly, you should allow yourself to have fun. Hopefully your first job is doing something you enjoy with coworkers you like. So make sure you give yourself a chance to enjoy your first job, that way it won't be too difficult to handle.

Working for the first time is both exciting and stressful. I know I wish I had had these things in mind going into my first job! Is there any other advice you'd wish you'd known before you started working?

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