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7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your College Acceptance ...

By Sabrina

It's important to have ideas for several ways to celebrate your college acceptance, that way if one plan falls through, you still have plenty of other ways to enjoy this accomplishment! Getting into college is not something to simply acknowledge and move on; it's a sign that you're growing up and that your hard work has paid off! If you've recently gotten admitted into the college of your choice, check out these fun ways to celebrate your college acceptance!

1 Shop

When I got into my first college, I rushed straight to the mall! After all, what’s a new school year without a new wardrobe? Convince your friends and family to take you out shopping as one of the ways to celebrate your college acceptance. Make an excuse of “transforming into a new person” or “buying decorations for your dorm” when really, you and I both know you just need an excuse to shop!

2 Party

Generally, when people want to celebrate something amazing they throw a party! We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. So why not throw a party for your college acceptance? It doesn't have to be a huge party, but you should make it something that makes your college acceptance week memorable.

3 Go out to Dinner

When you get that life-changing letter, try to convince your parents to take you out to a nice dinner. If you're not the partying type, this might be the perfect setting to celebrate your college acceptance! Eat somewhere or you don't usually dine, and make sure you make a big deal out of it to the waiter serving you. Maybe you can even get a free dessert!

4 Meet Other Admitted Students

When I got excepted into my top school, I joined the Facebook page and begin meeting people from my area who had also been excepted. Within a few days, we had already set up a date to go out and celebrate together! What better people to celebrate your acceptance with than the people who know exactly what you're going through?

5 Photo Shoot

Somehow, a positive experience actually makes you more attractive! To celebrate your brains and beauty, have a photo shoot after you've been excepted into your dream school. Find a scenic location and whip out the camera, drag along one of your siblings or friends, and get dolled up because it's picture day! Don't be afraid to spam all of your social media accounts with gorgeous pictures of you; it's your time to shine!

6 Mini Dance Party

If you don't have the time or money to celebrate in one of the other ways, just have a mini dance party all by yourself. There's nothing wrong with being the life of your own party, so crank up the Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, or whoever your favorite artist is and bust out a few moves to celebrate yourself! It's a great stress reliever and opportunity to acknowledge how amazing you truly are.

7 Ask for Your Favorite Food

Ask your mom or dad to prepare your favorite meal the night you've been accepted. Maybe right now isn't the best time to go out to eat or shop, but odds are you can have your favorite dish whipped up in a jiffy! Make your whole family sit down to have a nice dinner and recognize your incredible achievement.

Don't be shy about celebrating your college acceptance, it's a huge deal! You should feel free to have fun and make the day all about you. How would you like to celebrate your college acceptance?

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