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Time flies during summer vacation, but the school week can feel like it's dragging on and on. Since the boredom could make a kid go crazy, you need to find ways to entertain yourself. That way, your life won't feel like a waste. If you've been counting down the days until your next vacation, here are a few ways to make the school week feel like it's going by faster:

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Find Something to Look Forward to

Find Something to Look Forward to When you have something to look forward to, the week will feel like it's rushing by. It doesn't matter if you're excited to go out on a hot date on the weekend or if you're just waiting to see the newest episode of Supernatural on Wednesday nights. As long as you have something to look forward to, life will feel a whole lot happier.


Actually Pay Attention in Class

Actually Pay Attention in Class If you let yourself daydream in class, it'll feel like the period is taking forever to end. That's why you should do yourself a favor and actually pay attention in class. Not only will it make your day go by quicker, but it'll help you get a better grade in the class. You can't lose.


Stop Looking at the Clock

Stop Looking at the Clock If you stare at the clock, it'll feel like time is moving by super slowly. If you force yourself to keep your eyes off of it, then you'll be surprised by how quickly class speeds by. The less you focus on the time, the better off you are.


Make Friends in Class

Make Friends in Class If you're sitting alone in class, you're bound to be bored. However, if you find some interesting people to talk to when the teacher leaves the room, your day is going to go by a whole lot faster. You don't have to become best friends with your classmates. Just aim to become comfortable speaking with them, so that you have a few fun conversations throughout the day.


Write Essays on Topics You like

Write Essays on Topics You like If your teacher lets you pick an essay topic, don't choose one that bores you to tears. Try to find something that actually interests you. That way, you won't fall asleep at your desk while doing research for your paper. Who knows? If you choose the right topic, you might actually end up enjoying your homework.

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Go to Bed Early

Go to Bed Early The more you sleep, the less hours there will be in a day for you. So if you can't wait for the week to be over, head to bed as soon as you get home and finish all of your chores for the day. It's not lazy to rest. Sometimes, you need as much beauty sleep as you can get in order to remain sane.


Do Something Fun in between Classes

Do Something Fun in between Classes You should bring music to listen to in between classes or download applications to play on your phone in between classes. If your teachers are against electronics, then you can still bring a book or a magazine to read when you get the chance. That way, you'll have something tiny to look forward to throughout the day.

You can't drop out of school, but you can do little things that will make it much more bearable. What other things help you feel like the school week is going by faster?

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#2 no

This is not really helping but hope this helps for others


i agree with #1, but then it makes the week seem like its going extremely slow

i do this alot it really works

#6 I want time to get to eat lunch faster

#2 nah

i am a dropout


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