7 Ways to Lower Anxiety during the School Day ...

By Holly

School is a stressful place. You have to deal with the judgement of your classmates, the questions from your teachers, and the overwhelming amount of assignments you're given. Even though it's rough to get through the week, it's something that you have to do. In order to make the semester feel less torturous, here are a few ways to lower your anxiety during the school day:

1 Preparing Lowers Pressure

If you didn't study enough for a test, you'll be anxious taking it. If you didn't read your assignment, you'll be anxious when the teacher asks you a question about it. A great way to lower anxiety during the school day is to prepare for it before that day actually begins. The more you know about the material, the less stressful it'll be when it comes time to explain your knowledge.

2 Talk to the Teacher

If you're too shy to raise your hand in class, speak to the teacher during office hours or send her an email. If you explain the situation to her, she might agree to let you write miniature essays about the assignments instead of making you talk in class. Not all teachers are out to make your life miserable, so don't be afraid to discuss your anxiety with them.

3 Ignore Others

School can be a rough place, but you have to remember that your classmates' opinions of you don't matter. If you're uncomfortable in social situations, because you're afraid of embarrassing yourself, you need to remember that your peers aren't any better than you. They've all done embarrassing things, too. Plus, who cares what they think?

4 Plant Pictures

Sometimes, a relaxing song or image is all that you need. Since you can't wear headphones during class, stick a photo of a beautiful waterfall or of your boyfriend in your binder. Whenever you start to feel anxious, glance at the picture to feel better.

5 Forget the Future

One of the worst things that you can do is constantly worry about your future when there's nothing you can do to alter the situation. That means you shouldn't be anxious about the class you have last period when your day just began. Try to live in the moment and only focus on what's going on around you right now. Worrying about the future won't do you any good, so pay attention to the present instead.

6 Be Purely Positive

It's difficult to fill your mind with positive thoughts, but it's something you need to try to do. Instead of telling yourself that you're unattractive and annoying, think of yourself as beautiful and valuable. When you start thinking highly of yourself, you'll notice your anxiety lowering.

7 Empty Your Plate

Even though you want to be a doctor and take eight different AP classes, you shouldn't do it if it'll cause you too much mental pain. There's nothing wrong with taking a smaller amount of classes and putting less pressure on yourself. You can be just as successful without putting too much on your plate.

Anxiety is never fun to deal with, but you're strong enough to handle it. There are plenty of ways to calm yourself down so that your day isn't entirely ruined, so don't be afraid to try them. How do you deal with your anxiety when you're stuck in class?

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