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Extraordinary Ways a Part Time Job Will Make You a Strong and Awesome Person ...

By Alison

Getting a part-time job while you're at school is something every teen should do, whether during the vacations or all year round. It's good preparation for when you go out to work full-time, and you'll acquire all sorts of skills that you can use later on. Plus it teaches you important life lessons. Here's why you need to get a part-time job, and what you'll learn from it …

1 Work Ethic

Starting work in your teens will help give you a work ethic that will carry on throughout your life. You'll understand how important working is, and appreciate that money isn't unlimited. Plus you'll enjoy earning your own money; getting that first pay check feels oh so good! You'll also learn how to budget.

2 Time Management

Another useful skill you'll acquire is time management. If you're working at the weekends you'll need to complete school work in good time. You'll also want time for hobbies and seeing your friends. So you'll have to learn to juggle these different things and organise your day.

3 Self-Reliance

Having a part-time job also teaches you self-reliance. People who are given everything they want by their parents can grow up to be lazy, self-entitled adults. If they haven't had to work for anything they don't appreciate what they have. But if you've worked part-time, you appreciate that money doesn't grow on trees, and appreciate what you've bought with the money you've earned.

4 Transferable Skills

By working while still at school, you'll also acquire skills that can be used later on. You'll learn how to deal with the public, how to manage a workload, how to handle money, and use computer skills that you may be able to use in future jobs. All this can go on your CV and shows that you're willing to work.

5 The Importance of Being Self-Supportive

Working part-time also teaches you how important it is to be self-supportive and earn your own money. It's not wise to reply on someone else financially; you need to have your own money and have savings in case you need them. Save up the money from your part-time job to help you through college, or for a house deposit - don't just fritter it away.

6 How to Deal with Co-Workers and Having a Boss

When you begin full-time work you'll almost certainly be working with co-workers and for a boss. That's not always pleasant but it is realistic. A part-time job will ease you into the world of work, and help you get used to being told what to do and working with people you may not like all that much.

7 Why You Should Work for the Things You Want

You'll also begin to understand why it's important to work for the things you want. In the adult world, you won't be bought everything you want - and if you work for things you appreciate them more than if they were simply given to you. You won't be able to buy everything you want with your part-time earnings, so you'll have to decide what you want the most.

It's really exciting to earn your own money, and helps you feel more independent. So go out and get yourself that job! Are there any jobs you'd hate to do?

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