7 Subscriptions Every College Girl Needs ...

By Sabrina

7 Subscriptions Every College Girl Needs ...

I hate to torture your bank account with this article, but trust me—you need these subscriptions! We live in a great age when you don’t even need to leave your room to buy everything you could possibly need! Since you’re too busy balancing classes and a social life to go out shopping for these necessities every month, simply have them shipped to your dorm!

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1 Hanger to Home

Price: $18.00 styling fee every month (waved for first-time subscribers) plus price of clothes

I’m a self-diagnosed shopaholic! That’s why I got really excited when I heard about Hanger to Home, a personal stylist subscription service! It’s totally free your first time around, and works like this: First, talk to a representative about your personal style, then in a few weeks you’ll receive 3-5 clothing items selected just for you. Buy and keep what you like, and send the rest back free of charge within five days. It’s a great, inexpensive way to expand your wardrobe and learn how to dress better!

2 Ipsy

Price: $10.00 every month
What can you never have enough of? Makeup of course! And for just ten dollars a month, you can receive several cosmetic products and a cute makeup bag! When you sign up, you’ll describe your complexion, hair type, and makeup taste. Then the lovely little Ipsy fairies craft unique bags for you that arrive on the 15th of each month! It’s a great way to test out which brands and products you love before buying the full-sized—and full priced—ones in stores.

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3 Essence Beauty Box

Price: $15.00 every month
As a woman of color, I know how hard it can be to find hair and beauty products perfect for our textured hair and rich, dark skin. That’s where Essence Beauty Box comes in handy! It’s a subscription company that celebrates black beauty by sending out products that companies like Ipsy (though I love it so!) won’t send you.

4 Try the World

Price: $39.00 every 2 months
I know what you’ve all been waiting for, us starving college students only really care about one thing: food! Well, with Try the World, you get to satisfy your hunger for some non-dining hall food every two months! Each time your package arrives, you’ll receive an adorable box filled with food from a different country and informational cards about that country and its cuisine. It’s perfect for you and your roommates or your special someone to enjoy together.

5 Wantable Fitness

Price: $20.00 styling fee every month, plus price of clothing

After pigging out on delicious international cuisine, you’ll probably feel the need to hit the gym. But you can’t wear your super cute Hanger to Home outfit now can you… That’s where Wantable Fitness comes in! This is another personal styling service, but for athletic gear. Choose your budget when filling out your style survey, then, once you receive your items, try them out before choosing which ones to buy and which ones to return.

6 Owl Crate

Price: $30.00 every box
College is full of binge-watching Netflix and reading text books, but remember when there was a happy medium? Ah yes, YA fiction books that you devoured in high school! Well, rekindle your love of reading with Owl Crate, a book subscription service that provides you with fun, new reading material as well as bookish goodies such as sweets or jewelry that go with the theme of the book! Set it up to be delivered once a month or every six months, depending on how quickly you read and how much you love the boxes!

7 The Butter Box

Price: $20.00
During mid-terms and final exam weeks, it’s important to unwind and relax. But, on a student budget, taking a spa day isn’t always an option. So you can make your own spa day using your butter box! It’s adorably packaged and full of all-natural bath and body products that you’re sure to love!

The great thing about these subscription boxes is that you can cancel any of them at any time! There’s no commitment, just lots of inexpensive joy delivered to your doorstep! Which one are you most likely to purchase?

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