Here's How to Become Popular in School ...

By Sabrina

Here's How to Become Popular in School ...

You've seen the movies that depict the glamorous life of teenage girls at the top of the food chain, and maybe that gave you the dream of popularity! Although these girls are often made out to be shallow bullies on the big screen, they aren't all that way. If you want to raise your social status in school, I see no problem with that—in fact, I'd like to help!

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1 Talk to Everyone

You don't have to become everyone's best friend overnight, but it certainly helps to have a lot of friends, or at least acquaintances, if you want to raise your social status. Talk to and be kind to everyone so that you begin building up a reputation as a friendly, sociable person. Eventually, even the people who don't know you will know of you.

Updated on 6/9/2023

If you want to become popular in school, one of the best ways to do it is by talking to everyone. Don't be intimidated by the popular kids or the “cool” crowd. Even if you don't become best friends with everyone, having a lot of acquaintances will help you build your social status. Be friendly and kind to everyone you meet, and eventually, even those who don’t know you will know of you.

You can also join clubs or activities to meet people and make connections. Joining sports teams or academic clubs is a great way to meet people with similar interests and have fun. If you're into music, join a band or choir. If you love art, join a painting or drawing club. You can also join the student council or volunteer at a local charity to make a difference in your community.

Another way to become popular is to be a good listener. People like to talk about themselves and their interests, so listen and ask questions. Showing genuine interest in what someone has to say will make them feel appreciated and respected.

2 Develop Your Own Style

People are naturally drawn to visually appealing, unique people. When you develop your own style, you not only learn how to express yourself in a new way, you also attract attention from others. You'll be known as the "girl in neon pants" or "the girl who wears high heels" and people will recognize you walking down the hall, without even having been introduced! If that's not popularity I don't know what is!

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3 Get Involved in Extracurriculars

I'm sure you know how important extracurriculars are in regards to college and overall high school experience but did you know they can help you ascend the social ladder, too? Think about it, extracurriculars give you the opportunity to get to know lots of people, identify with a certain group, and become a leader if you run for office. So find a club, sport, or art that interests you and jump right in!

4 Be Active in Class

Whether your reputation is the know-it-all or the class clown, the point is you have a reputation! Always participate in class so that people see your face and get a sense of who you are.

5 Go to the “hangouts”

If there's a shopping center, cafe, or coffee shop where many of your peers hang out, make a point of going there as often as possible. If people don't see you outside of school, they'll assume the worst and figure you're just a hermit who thinks she's too cool to hang out with her peers. Plus, it's a great place to make new friends who will lead to greater popularity!

6 Have Multiple Groups of Friends

It's always a good idea to have multiple groups of friends so that you always have someone to go out with! That way, you're out socializing, having a good time, and proving that you're a fun person.

7 Make the Right Friends

If you really want to be popular in high school, you have to be somewhat strategic with your friendships. If you've ever watched the show Survivor, you know how important alliances are! And when you think about it, high school is basically a four-year-long episode of Survivor! Befriend people who have big personalities and are already popular, then share a little bit of their spotlight until you get your own.

Popularity isn't the path for everyone, but if it is for you, try these methods to help you rise to the top. But remember to never resort to below-the-belt type tactics like gossip and cruelty to get to the top. How do you recommend attaining your dreams of popularity?

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love to tok-toks and to homework also do be nice to people like not bossy and pushing to also do puring ice

#4 ok i will do that


I teach, and I notice the meanest students are the most popular. Don't listen to this article.

Im in grade 3, Im like 8 yrs old and i try so hard to be popular this is gonna help me im so exited to see if this works!! #loveThis!

Aren't popular*

pro life advice; popularity is overrated. i have a feeling this article might be satire, but like.. just be around people that make you feel happy and comfortable ig


I never wanted to be popular in high school,I had a small group of friends and stuck to them,i honestly don't like being centre of attention anyway,I was the moody artistic girl and that was okay

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