Failure Isn't an Option - Study Hacks That'll Get You an a Guaranteed ...

By Alison

Failure Isn't an Option - Study Hacks That'll Get You an a Guaranteed ...

It's study time again! With exam season coming up, you're keen to get the best results you can - but how can you get all that info into your head (and keep it there)? What's the best way to revise without driving yourself insane worrying about the exams? Here are some tips that will get you that A grade …

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1 Plan, Plan, Plan

Start by making yourself a study plan. Work out what you need to revise and organise the time that's available to you. Make a big calendar so that you can see how many weeks and days you have to fit your study into. Split your free time into study slots, allowing for recreation, sleep and meals. Then organise your revision by splitting it up into those slots.

2 Be an Early Bird

It's very important to start on your revision early. Don't be that person who leaves it until the last minute and then panics! Very few people can study well under that kind of pressure, and it's unnecessary. Also, go to bed early and get enough sleep; if you're properly rested, you'll be better equipped to study.

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3 Identify Your Weak Points & Work on Them

While it's still useful to review your better subjects, the majority of your time would be better spent working on your weaker points. What is your worst subject, or section of a subject? Once you know what you most need to work on, schedule that into your study time and work on it steadily. Go back to it until you're more confident that you know that topic well.

4 Find a Study Buddy

Finding a study buddy is a great way to make yourself revise. It's like having someone to cheer you along in the race! If you get easily distracted when you need to study, having someone else there will help you focus. You can test each other, which is especially good for language study.

5 Split up Your Revision

While you don't want to start your revision too early, or you'll forget half of it by the time of the exams, it's smart to start early enough that you've got time to spare. You can then split up your revision and space it out in your available study time (remember that calendar!).

6 Don't Cram Constantly - You'll Go Mad

But what you absolutely don't need to do is work too hard. That will be counter-productive and lead to burnout. Even if you need to spend a lot of time studying, be sure to give yourself regular breaks. You need to rest and relax - and you should also be sure to eat well. Living off junk food won't help you cope with the demands of revision and exams.

7 Ask Your Parents for an Incentive - They Work!

Finally, ask your parents if they'd help provide an incentive. If you've got a goal that you'd like to achieve, it will provide motivation if your parents promise to help you with that if you achieve certain grades (though don't be despondent if you don't quite make it). Or think of a reward for yourself if you achieve your grades.

Try not to panic at the thought of your exams - everybody gets nervous, but you'll do better if you stay focused. Do you have any study tips that work for you?

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This is so helpful 

Very helpful Thnx. For my part I'd advise DRINKING a lot of water, the more hydrated the more alert and active you'll be


Thank you, I love this study tips :)


I needed them ;D

This is so spot on. Except, if you're parents are like mine and think providing incentives are "bribery and corruption", then you'll have to find incentives for yourself.

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