Raise Your Grades with These Dynamo Tips for Ignoring Distractions ...

By Sabrina

Raise Your Grades with These Dynamo Tips for Ignoring Distractions ...

It's no secret: we all struggle to keep up our grades in our society that's full of distractions. If you're anything like me, doing homework goes something like this: I'll read the question, Snapchat someone, scroll through Instagram, take a Buzzfeed quiz, reread the question because now I've forgotten, text my friend my quiz results, make a snack, watch Netflix, and finally do my homework at midnight. It's not such a great system, is it? That's why I've come up with these tips for ignoring distractions that are sure to get your grades up!

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1 Practice

What did your mom always tell you when you were eight and didn't want to practice piano? Practice makes perfect! So, practice focusing. You can do this by doing brain games (not abused as a distraction to homework though!) like Luminosity or sudoku. Just as runners train their muscles so that they can complete a marathon, you have to train your brain to complete your homework!

2 Do Yoga

Yoga is another method to train your brain to focus. Yoga centers your energy and gets your brain in tune with your body. Plus, if you do it in the morning it will provide you with energy throughout the day so that sleep doesn't become a distraction.

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3 Make a Schedule

Sometimes, the only thing that helps me remain on top of my studies is my daily schedule! If you're a busy high school student, you need time to do a million things in a single day. So set up your schedule around work, sports, or clubs so you know when and how long you have to do homework. With a tight schedule, there's really no time for distractions. Make sure you don't make yourself miserable though; schedule in an hour to work out and an hour to relax and watch TV every day!

4 Take Breaks

You are more prone to get distracted when you're mentally fatigued. But if you give yourself five-minute mental breaks to walk around or eat a healthy snack periodically while studying, then you'll be less tempted by distractions when you need to get work done.

5 Turn off Your Phone

I know, those words should never appear in that order together. When your phone's screen goes black, it dies... so willingly turning it off is basically murder, right? Don't worry, your phone doesn't have feelings and I'm sure it's willing to make the sacrifice for your grades. After all, your phone is a glowing cornucopia of distractions, so turn it off, lock it up, and throw away the key when you're doing your homework!

6 Choose the Right Study Buddies

Sometimes, we benefit from studying with friends, the whole two-brains-are-better-than-one effect, but other times they ruin our grades. How does this happen exactly? By choosing the wrong study buddy! You know who is your best friend and who is your BEST friend—your partner in crime versus the one who stops you from letting your life fall to pieces. Choose the second one as a study partner so that you don't distract each other and I’m sure you'll be happy with your decision!

7 Study Away from Home

Even with your phone off, at home there's still a computer, TV, food, and possibly pets and siblings to distract you. Don't hesitate to run away from these distractions and work on homework in solitude at the park, library, or local coffee shop.

Often, our grades are less impressive than they could be if we did a better job at ignoring distractions! What methods do you use to ignore distractions?

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Sigh I wish somebody had given me these tips three to four ago.. :( but a good study buddy always works well!

Four years*

Thank you

Sigh my house has no quiet rooms, so hard to get stuff done! Hm

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