7 Fun Things You Can do with Your Dad ...

By Diana

7 Fun Things You Can do with Your Dad ...

If you’re looking for things you can do with your dad, don’t look any further. As a daughter, your relationship with your dad is special. It’s different from the relationship you have with your mom, even though you love them both equally. Dads tend to be very protective of their young daughters and they feel proud to see you grow up to be a young and strong woman, often wishing you were still a little girl. Even when you’re coupled up or married, it can be so much fun to spend quality time with the man who raised you to be who you are today. Here are 7 fun things you can do with your dad.

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1 Go Fishing Together

Many men love to go fishing. If your dad is one of them, then why not join him on his next fishing trip? Fishing is a very relaxing sport, yet a concentrated eye is necessary to succeed. If you’re not familiar with fishing, ask your dad to teach you how to fish or you could simply accompany him while he does most of the hard work. Bring some beverages and some picnic foods and you’ll both have a great time. Going fishing is one of the best things you can do with your dad, because it will show him you’re interested in his hobby.

2 Go Shopping

This sounds weird, I know, but I don’t mean you should take your dad on your next hunt for a new handbag. But there comes a time when you need to buy something that your dad knows more about than you, like electronics or a car. Ask him for his advice and if he cares to join you at the store or dealer. Chances are that your dad asks the questions that you didn’t even think about, and maybe he can even do some bargaining to get you a good deal. You get what you need, he gets to feel knowledgeable and you get to spend time together. It’s a win-win situation!

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3 Play Sports

All dads love to play sports, no matter how busy their schedules are. Planning an afternoon to play sports with your dad is a fun way to spend quality time together. You could play a sport that you’re both familiar with, but you could also try something new. If you choose the latter, find a coach who can teach the two of you the basics. If you both enjoy it, you might have found a sport that you can play together every week or every 2 weeks. Playing sports with your dad is a great way to have a fun, casual time together while still being competitive (in a healthy way, I hope). And the exercise makes it even better.

4 Cook Together

Some dads really enjoy cooking, but often find they don’t get enough opportunities to do it. If it’s common for you and your family to get together every now and then, then plan a family dinner and serve a meal that’s cooked by you and your dad. Prior to the day, discuss what the two of you will be cooking and you could even do groceries together if time allows it. Cooking with your dad can be a lot of fun, especially because you can learn from each other. An alternative is to take cooking classes together.

5 DIY Projects

If you dad likes to take up DIY projects in and around the house, offer him your help. Believe it or not, painting a shed or a room can be very relaxing sometimes. When you help your dad with his DIY project, make sure to simply follow his instructions and take things the way he wants them to go. Remember, it’s his project and being as handy as he is, he probably knows best when it comes to this. Let him take charge in the process and just do the best you can. Helping your dad with a DIY project allows the two of you to entirely focus on one thing, with limited opportunities to talk about other things in life. It’s calming, fun and it’s teamwork.

6 Go for a Walk

Whenever you visit your parents and you have a little spare time, ask your dad if he feels like going for a walk. You could drive to the woods, a park, the coast or walk through the center of a bustling city, if that’s where you happen to be. Going for a walk gives you time to talk, to find out how your dad is doing and to talk about things that have been on your minds. At the same time, it’s a great way to encourage your dad to stay active, if he’s getting a little older. The nature and the fresh air will do you both good and it can also be a great way for your dad to show off his daughter to anyone passing by.

7 Take Him out for Man Food

You and your mom are probably on an everlasting diet and in a constant fight with the scale. But let’s be honest, every woman loves the occasional hamburger, hot dog or meat fest. At least, if you’re not a vegetarian… So why not treat your dad to some real man food? Take him to a new hamburger place or join him on his trip to his favorite place and ask him for recommendations. And if you’re up for something fancier, you can surprise your dad with a dinner at the best steakhouse in town. Dads who have daughters put up with a lot of girl talk about diets and weight maintenance as well as rejections when he offers you a second sausage while barbecuing. He deserves to enjoy a real man meal every now and then, without the girl talk.

A father and daughter relationship is unique. I hope the list gave you some ideas on what fun things you can do with your dad and I hope he will like it, if you decide to put any of my suggestions into practice. If you think your dad isn’t really up for any of these things, I’m very curious to know what will work for him. What do you think would be a fun thing to do with your dad?

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My dad left my mom when she was pregnant with me because he found out that I was a girl..So nope can't do anything on this list ._.

I'm not a teen but I like these and are what we have always done also I want to add to the list play backgammon, table tennis, football (soccer), basketball, cards and other fun stuff ;)

sorry about your half sister/ cousin sorry about your dad leaving your mom when she was pregnant with you sorry you don't get along with your dad

how do I do something nice for you'r dad when he is mad at you


I don't get along with my dad he always moans and says you don't love me but I do so I'll try everything this says

my dad would love to go to texas road house but last thing I did with my dad was bra shopping

Hmmm, nope. Can't. I don't have a dad. He died a year ago.

I'd bake Z

sorry y'all for all your traumatic stories

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