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7 Apps Teenagers Shouldnt Download ...

By Sabrina

Being a teen is great because it means new privileges, but not all privileges are good privileges! There are certain apps teenagers shouldn't download, either because they're dangerous, too mature, or simply a distraction from schoolwork! Although you should have fun using social media and enjoying the innovations of this generation, if you're a teen, make sure you don't download these apps.

Table of contents:

  1. Yik yak
  3. Snapchat
  4. Whisper
  5. Kik messenger
  6. Tinder
  7. Vine

1 Yik Yak

Yik Yak is really more of a college app, so it isn't one teenagers should be downloading anyway. However, when teens do download this app, they tend to use it for evil, not for good. Yik Yak is an app like twitter, only local and anonymous. You can see "yaks" from around the globe, but only comment on "yaks" within a 5-mile radius of your location. Many teenagers use Yik Yak to bully other students from their school, gossip, and simply talk about mature topics in a vulgar manner. This app is an unhealthy distraction from schoolwork as well as a medium for bullying—definitely not something you should be spending your time on!

2 is another popular location for cyber bullying. On, you can ask anonymous questions on someone's profile. But instead of using this to ask about homework or make casual conversation, many people use it to verbally harass others. If you have an account, you may be bullied. Even if no one bullies you, you'll read rumors about your peers and maybe even be tempted to join in on the bullying.

3 Snapchat

My biggest issue with Snapchat is that it's a huge distraction! On Snapchat, you can send 10 second photos or videos to your friends as well as watch others'. It sounds harmless, but you might get addicted and find yourself snapchatting everything from your breakfast in the morning to you brushing your teeth at night! Not only is it a waste of time, Snapchat may also lead to unwanted "sexting" when someone takes a snapersation too far!

4 Whisper

Whisper allows you to create virtual, anonymous greeting card-type messages. In a way, it's a great place to vent and whisper your secrets to the world. But, as we've learned with and Yik Yak, anonymous+teens= big mistake! People can reply to your anonymous postings, and there's no telling what sort of awful things they'll come up with!

5 Kik Messenger

The danger with Kik begins with a lack of privacy. Many teens post their "kikme" names on social media, then, essentially, anyone can "kik" you, and you might begin getting creepy or threatening messages from strangers. Kik isn't too bad if you keep your username private, but in my opinion, it's always better to be safe than sorry!

6 Tinder

Tinder might be known as dating for the new generation. On Tinder, if you like someone's picture, and they like yours too, a conversation opens between you. There are more than a few flaws with this app. For starters, it makes it seem like relationships are based solely on physical appearance instead of intellect and personality. Secondly, the person you start a conversation with may be vulgar, rude, pushy, or violent. Also, Tinder's main purpose has become hooking up, rather than dating, which can lead to dangerous situations if you're just looking for a date and he's looking for something else.

7 Vine

Vine is generally harmless, because it is pretty well-regulated, although there is always a chance of you seeing an inappropriate video. Vine is an app that streams short, usually comical videos. The biggest danger here is simply that it's time-consuming! You'd be surprised by how difficult it is to stop watching a bunch of LOL-worthy videos!

Don't get me wrong, I don't recommend swearing off of social media entirely! But, as a teenage girl, there are certain apps you should avoid, either for safety reasons, time reasons, or both! What other apps should be adults-only?

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