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Top Survival Tips for Exam Time ...

By Lydia

I'm here to share some of the top exam survival tips. When it comes to the intense pressure pit that is exam season at school or in college, it really would be fair to say that it feels like survival of the fittest in terms of who gets through it unscathed and who falls victim to the cutthroat nature of the period! Exams might seem scary on the surface, but if you turn up armed with the tools to win the war, then you shouldn’t be worried at all! Here are some of the top exam survival tips.

Table of contents:

  1. Sleep
  2. Stop and reset
  3. Focus on yourself
  4. Move on

1 Sleep

It is essential that you get as good a night's sleep as possible before the big day. Don’t stay up to the early hours cramming in revision; your mind will be in a much better position to recall information if it has been well rested. Keep reading for more of the top exam survival tips.

2 Stop and Reset

If your mind goes completely blank during the exam, take a few minutes to stop, take a few deep breaths and then read through the question a few times until your mind starts to clear and you can start to make connections again. The worst thing to do it freak out and ask to go to the bathroom because you will be wasting precious time.

3 Focus on Yourself

When you’re in the exam room, focus only on your own paper and your own timing. If you start to lift your head and look around you, perceiving that others are doing better and working quicker than you, the anxiety and stress will start to make it hard to put together a decent paper. The only outcome that you have a direct impact on is your own, so don’t sacrifice it by paying more attention to others.

4 Move on

Once the exam is done, there is no point in re-living it over and over again, trying to think about what you should or could have done instead. It’s likely that you will have more exams coming up, and you need to focus on them instead of something that you have no power to change now.

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