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7 Things to Avoid Doing in High School under All Circumstances ...

By Vladlena

Everyone’s high school experience is very different, but there are some things to avoid doing in high school that everyone agrees on. While it is up to you what friends you will make and what type of person you will become, there are a few rules that you should follow during those four years. That way you can make sure that your social life and education don’t suffer and you get the most out of your experience. Here are top 7 things to avoid doing in high school under all circumstances.

1 Talk Trash about Your Friends

Friends fight and that is completely normal, but things can get a little out of hand when you criticize your friend behind their back. While you might not mean the things you have said since you were acting on pure emotion, words can still come back to bite you. I have witnessed the downfall of many people who have repeatedly talked trash about their supposed friends, and things didn’t go well for them. In high school, things spread at the speed of light and once you get the reputation as an untrustworthy friend, people will make sure to make U-turn every time they come in contact with you. This is one of the most important things to avoid doing in high school.

2 Get in with the Wrong Crowd

High school is the time when you first choose what route to take in life and you don’t want to screw up your life so early in the game. Many people succumb to peer pressure and get involved with drugs and alcohol. Many people screw up their life by getting involved with the wrong crowd. The friends you choose will dramatically influence your identity for the next four years. So choose your inner circle wisely and find other clean and exciting ways to spend your time.


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3 Try to Become ‘popular’

Movies and TV shows do a great job of distorting our perception of high school, leaving our expectations unbelievably high. In reality, popularity is not as vital as you would think; especially if you attend a big school with thousands of students. Nobody will care about your social status because everyone is occupied with himself or herself. Don’t change whom you are just to fit in and instead, evolve at your own pace.

4 Badmouthing Teachers on Social Media

Sometimes school work can get a little frustrating due to misunderstanding with teachers or accumulation of work, but under no circumstances should you vent about your hatred toward the school staff on social media. Believe it or not but they have their own way of finding out and you don’t want to be put in position of getting caught. I have personally seen several people get in trouble because of what they have posted on social media and there were always consequences.

5 Pull an All-nighter

It seems like every teenager is a little too familiar with procrastination. We tend to put things off until last minute and suffer the night before trying to get everything done. However cramming the night before and losing sleep will not do any good. You will just end up drowsy and sleepy, unable to use any information you just crammed. So to make you life easier, push yourself to get things done in advance.

6 Only Spending Time with One Group of Friends

As much as you love your group of friends, don’t limit your interactions just to them because you can’t even imagine the amount of great people you can meet outside of your circle. High school is a beautiful place to find friends that will last a lifetime. In order to grow as a person and find you sense of self, you need to meet new people. However it doesn’t mean you have to leave your current friends behind, there is always a happy medium.

7 Cut Gym Class

I know how tempting it may be to avoid going to gym and instead stay at home or leave early. However, gym is the easiest class to pass and you don’t want to go to summer school just because you didn’t feel like coming in. I’ve seen a lot of 12th graders get the case of senioritis and cut gym, and it never ends well. So avoid skipping gym or any other important classes!

High school can seem like a big and unfamiliar place when you first get to experience it. However things begin die down and you get a hold of how things run eventually. What are some other things to avoid doing in high school in your opinion?

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