7 Things to do during Your Study Break That Can Actually Help You Get a Better Grade ...

By Valencia

7 Things to do during Your Study Break That Can Actually Help You Get a Better Grade ...

Good grades don't fall out the sky. You need to study and maintain good study habits. So, what exactly should you do during your study breaks to make the grade? There's certainly a right and a wrong way to study. Here's a look at seven ways to get the most out of a study session.

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1 Create a Study Schedule and Stick with It

If you have a part-time job, chores around the house and extracurricular activities, making the grade requires a good study schedule. Not only should you create a schedule, you have to stick with it. Depending on your obligations, you might study during study hall at school, in the evenings or on the weekends.

2 Prioritize Studying According to Importance

With so much on your plate, you might feel overwhelmed. When you're coming up with a study schedule, you'll need to prioritize according to importance. Using a calendar, make a notation of upcoming tests and exams. Although it's smart to spend a little time each day studying for all upcoming tests, you'll need to give special attention to those assigned in the immediate future.

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3 Ditch the Noise

Sitting in a quiet room for hours might seem boring. But if you're trying to concentrate, the less noise the better. It might be easier to retain information if you turn off the television. Some people can successfully study with soft music in the background. But if this becomes a distraction, turn it off.

4 Create a Comfortable Study Environment

If your environment is comfortable, it'll be easier to study and stay focused. Find a comfortable sitting position, perhaps on your couch or at a desk. Make sure the room is set at a comfortable temperature, and there should be adequate light, which can alleviate eyestrain and help you stay awake.

5 Don't Turn a Study Session into a Party

You might think it's a great idea to study with a friend or other classmates. But the more people around, the more distractions. If everyone's disciplined and committed to keeping the noise and chatter down, it might work. Just know that inviting others to your study session can do more harm than good. If you're not focused, you might not be as prepared for a test or examination.

6 Take Breaks to Refresh Your Mind and Keep Alert

There's nothing wrong with an occasional study break. In fact, taking a five or 10-minute break from time to time refreshes your brain and helps you stay alert and focused. After reaching a certain point while studying, reward yourself. You can take a couple of minutes and check your social media pages, play a game or step outside for some fresh air.

7 Don't Procrastinate

The earlier you start studying, the better. Some young people put off studying until the last minute, but this often results in long, all night study sessions. However, late night studying can cause fatigue and brain fog the next day. And if you're feeling tired or sluggish, it'll be harder to focus on class work or tests.

You can get a better grade, but this will require good study habits and determination. Higher grades will not only make your parents and teachers proud, you'll enjoy personal satisfaction. Plus, the better your grades, the easier it'll be to get into colleges. What are other helpful study tips?

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I love all the tips!!

Good advise, I tell these tips to my girls all the time.

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