Totally Acceptable Things Teens Should Never Be Ashamed of ...

By Sabrina

Totally Acceptable Things Teens Should Never Be Ashamed of ...

In our society, there are many things teens should never be ashamed of, yet are ridiculed for. But it's never worth giving up any of these thoughts or activities just because they are frowned upon by your peers. Find out if you practice a few of the things teens should never be ashamed of, and hold your head high!

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1 Being Single

Being single is one of the things teens should never be ashamed of- take it from someone who knows! As a single teen, I've often felt embarrassed about not having a boyfriend, especially when my friends began entering relationships. But staying single throughout high school is nothing to be ashamed of; not having a boyfriend doesn't automatically mean you're undesirable. Whether or not you date in high school doesn't matter; all that matters is your happiness!

2 Unique Talents

Some teens posses incredible, unique talents, yet keep them tucked away for fear of ridicule. But there's no shame in having unique talents and abilities! In the adult world, unique people shine and succeed. While it may seem different now, when football stars are revered more than chemistry geniuses and sewing fanatics, the fact of the matter is that what makes you special is what makes you amazing!

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3 Unusual Tastes

Maybe you have a thing for classical music in a school full of hip hop fans, or perhaps you prefer Good Will over Forever 21. Whatever unconventional tastes you have are nothing the be ashamed of, but rather something to be proud of! You are meant to be yourself, and the sooner you accept that the better! Some people may find you strange because of your different preferences, but in the end there's no shame at all in being a tad bit unusual.

4 Ambition

I've always been an extremely ambitious person and wanted the very best or nothing at all. If you think the same way, your laser focus may throw off some of your peers. But your ambition will pay off more than the passivity of your peers. Ambition will take you farther in life than you can imagine, so proudly keep on dreaming and pushing toward your goals.

5 Looking Different

We are all born with unique talents and tastes as well as physical features that define who we are. Unfortunately, as girls get older they are often criticized for their defining traits. But looking different is nothing to be ashamed of, because it's only natural to be totally and completely you! You shouldn't ever feel pressured to change the way you look, because your differences and "imperfections" are what make you beautiful.

6 Following/ Not following the Crowd

Girls are judged for following the crowd as often as they are judged for not following the crowd. Either way, your actions mark you and lend your reputation to scrutiny from your peers. So if you follow the latest trends religiously, and rely on others for opinions and actions, don't be ashamed, just do what you need to do. Likewise, if you march to the beat of your own drummer and live in your own little world, forget the shame society would love to place on you and keep living your life the way you want to.

7 Your Priorities

Some girls put their sports team first, other students put school first, friends first, or themselves first. We all have priorities, and there’s no way around creating them. Your peers may criticize you for your priorities because they don’t think you have enough fun, or you have too much fun. But at the end of the day, the choice of how you want to organize your life is completely yours. And there’s no shame in however you prioritize factors of your life.

Girls feel so much shame rush at them during adolescence, it’s hard not to be ashamed of who you are by the time you’ve emerged from high school. But there are a ton of things teenage girls should never be ashamed of, but rather should embrace as unique, admirable characteristics. What do your peers make you feel ashamed about?

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um I think you mean they shouldn't be ashamed of not having unique talents. No one feels bad about themselves for being good at something. EVERYONE feels bad about themselves for not being good at something. Also, why is having sex, exploring sexuality, and having questions/discussions about sex not on here? It is important to encourage teens to understand their body. It is important to teach teens to be body and sex positive, and to understand healthy romantic and sexual relationships. Sex education is not at its best at the moment, and many teens fall short when it comes to knowledge about sex. You should be telling them not to be ashamed of having OR not having sex, and that slut shaming (and prude shaming?) are not okay. Mental illness should also be on here. Eating disorders, depression, self-harm, etc. These things carry a lot of stigma and (not just) teenagers tend be very shameful and secretive when it comes to them. We have to let them know that it is not their fault. Mental illness is just that; Illness.

I think being ashamed of being single is over exaggerated these days. I mean, the need of being loved and wanted has been commercialized so much on different social media sites, that girls only think about "how to get a guy". The big picture is how to build oneself - carreer wise or even personal. Love comes to those who don't look for it.

Should never be ashamed of being a virgin or not.

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