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Handy Tips for College Freshers to Survive Shared Bathrooms ...

By Alicia

It’s definitely a unique experience to go from having your own bathroom or only sharing with family members to using a large, shared bathroom when you’re away at college. These handy tips can help you to survive shared bathrooms. It’s takes some tweaks in your routine but you can do it.

1 Protect Your Feet 👣

You’re sharing showers with, well, everyone. Which means you can pick up yucky germs on your feet when you’re in the shower. Protect your feet by wearing flip flops or water shoes. You may feel a little weird doing this at first but it sure beats having to deal with athlete’s foot.

2 Choose the Right Time for a Shower 🕖

Fighting for a place in the shower line isn’t fun. Sometimes it’s better to change your shower time than deal with the irritation of waiting. Observe when the showers are the least busy and go then. Or if you absolutely have to have your shower in the morning to get going, beat the crowd and go earlier. Either option beats waiting in line.

3 Use a Shower Caddy 🛀

There’s nothing worse than getting in the shower and realizing your conditioner is back in your dorm. Then you get to deal with rough, unmanageable hair until you wash again. You can prevent this from happening by using a shower caddy. All your shower necessities are in one place and you’re good to go. If you’re super tight on money, no need to stress. Just choose something like a cheap plastic basket from Dollartree till funds are a little better.

4 Keep Your Music to an Acceptable Level 🎼

Everyone likes to sing in the shower and there’s nothing better than singing to your favorite songs. It’s easy enough to bring them along with the variety of waterproof speakers available now. But you want to keep it down low enough that it’s not a disruption to others. They may have their own song they want to sing to.

5 Have a Friend in the Next Stall 💁

Getting used to a community bathroom can be difficult. Knowing people are showering all around you is weird at first. Sometimes going when a friend goes can help. At least you know who’s in the next stall, right? Don’t be shy about asking, either. Chances are, they’re as weirded out about getting used to shared bathrooms as you are.

6 Wear a Robe 🛁

A robe is a must when you’re trying to survive shared bathrooms. When you’re done showering you can just slip into your robe to avoid trying to get dressed when you skin isn’t fully dry. Don’t you just hate that? You may even decide to just wear your robe down to the shower, too. This prevents your dirty clothes from getting wet from shower splash.

7 Clean up after Yourself to Keep the Peace with Others ☮

Lastly, leave the shower stall the way you’d want to find it. Don’t leave clumps of hair behind and rinse out the bubbles. One sure way to alienate others is to leave a messy shower. It only takes a minute to clean up and the person after you will be grateful for your consideration.

These handy tips can help you to survive shared bathrooms when you’re away at college. Do you have any tips to share? Share your experiences here!

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