5 Things No One 🚫 Tells You πŸ™Š about High School 🏫 ...

There are definitely some things no tells you about high school. Here are five pieces of advice that no one gave me before I entered high school.

I honestly wish that someone would have told me some of these things.

Now I'm making it my job to potentially help high school students or connect with people who had similar experiences. So here you go - things no one tells you about high school. Good luck!

1. Never Apologize for Who You Are

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One of the things no one tells you about high school is that you can be who you are without feeling bad about it. During my four years of high school, people failed to mention that I shouldn't be apologizing for who I am as an individual. Instead I should have been embracing myself more often. It's okay to be who you are and to not change for others.

2. How You Look Doesn't Matter

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All throughout my high school experience, I was so consumed with how I looked and if I was skinny or fat. To be honest none of those things really matter anyway. What matters is that you are happy with your appearance. The whole point of being at school is so that you can learn. So if learning is the only thing that matters, then why even care about how others look or how they perceive you?

3. Popularity Isn't What It's Made out to Be

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In my mind popularity is the root of all evil. Being popular isn't all sunshine and flowers. In fact it's quite miserable. Yes it may be nice to be well known and to be surrounded by people 24/7, but there are more cons than pros. Also it's important to remember that in the real world, popularity doesn't mean anything. Once you graduate, no one cares if you were popular in high school or not.

4. It's Okay to Go Stag at Dances

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In my early years of high school, people put it in my head that going stag to school dances was only done by the weirdos and that you should only go to a dance if you were asked by someone or if you asked them yourself. I quickly found the bullshit within that statement. Dances are meant for everyone.

During my senior year I went stag to every single dance. Turns out most people ended up going stag too. I missed out on a lot of fun memories all because someone engraved it in my brain that going stag is basically "illegal" in high school.

5. Take Everything with a Grain of Salt

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This is the most crucial piece of advice. People are going to spread rumors and what they say isn't going to be pretty. You just can't take anything too seriously. Who cares to what others are saying about you? Just focus on the people who truly care about you. Remember that what matters the most is how you see yourself.

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