Reasons to Apply for a Job over Spring Break ...

By Sabrina

Reasons to Apply for a Job over Spring Break ...

Most students begin looking for jobs over summer, but there are several reasons to apply for a job over Spring Break instead!I know we all want to relax and get reacquainted with our favorite series on Netflix, but you’ll thank me later when you’re employed and all of your friends are scrambling to find jobs! Keep reading to check out why you should apply for a job over Spring Break!

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1 Beat the Rush

Come summer, there will be a flood of money-hungry high school students looking for a job. Jobs will disappear quickly, and competition will be at an all time high! That’s why you should beat the rush by applying for a job over Spring Break. Being proactive is always a good idea, especially when it comes to work!

2 Get Experience

Work experience is really important in today’s world. Once you pass 18, you basically can’t get a job unless your resume is overflowing with past jobs and recommendations! While it would be nice to coast through high school only focusing on school and your social life, you will regret it eventually. So take the time to fill out some job applications and go on a few interviews to get used to the idea of applying for jobs. Then, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a job so you can begin building your resume!

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3 Start before School

There’s a reason why most teens get jobs over Summer Break: there’s no school! But, like I noted earlier, it’s going to be difficult to get a job over summer. So what’s a girl to do? Get a job over Spring Break, so that you aren’t in school and can adjust to working before you have to start the crazy balancing act of homework and “work” work!

4 Have Money for Summer

Who doesn’t want to have total freedom come summer? But what must come before freedom is finance! If you have been working from spring until summer, odds are you’ll have a pretty penny saved up and can shop freely, have spending money on family trips, and go on mini adventures with your friends without worrying about money.

5 Make More Money

It’s simple math: the longer you work, the more money you make! If you start working now, you’ll have lots of money saved up by summer. But if you wait until summer, you’ll have to bust your back all of break trying to make up for lost time. It’s definitely worth it to make a small sacrifice now in order to have greater benefits later!

6 Test the Waters

Sometimes, your first job isn’t your best job. In order to give yourself time to determine if a certain job is the right fit for you, you should begin working over Spring Break. That way, when summer finally arrives, you can look for a new job if necessary. But if you wait until summer to apply, then get a job you hate, you won’t have as much time to quit and find a new place to work.

7 Buddy up with the Boss

Before he or she is bombarded by high schooler’s applications in the summer time, your boss will have time to get to know you. If you build a solid relationship with your boss, then during the summer months, you’ll feel more comfortable asking for time off for trips or vacations!

I know as well as anyone how important Spring Break is; school gets tougher every year and you need a break! But sometimes, you have to push through and go above and beyond so that you can achieve what you want—in this case, money! Why do you think it’s better to apply for jobs over Spring Break than Summer Break?

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