7 Types of Teachers You Will Have in High School and How to Deal with Them ...

By Vladlena

7 Types of Teachers You Will Have in High School and How to Deal with Them ...

When you first start out high school, you have no idea what you are getting yourself into, what type of people you will meet or what types of teachers you will have. All of those teen flicks that you have watched in the past gave you a completely wrong perception of what real high school is all about. The high school experience truly varies with each person; it is what you make of it! While you do not choose what type of teachers you have, what people you end up meeting or how your whole experience plays out, you do have a choice of how to deal with them. Here are the types of teachers you will have in high school and how to deal with them.

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1 The One That Doesn’t Teach

While schools may be afraid to admit it, in each high school there is at least one teacher who is not capable of teaching their subject and transferring all of the information into the student’s brains. It might be because they are truly uninspired or because they are not knowledgeable on the subject, but either way, students end up flunking their exams. A teacher that doesn’t/can't teach might be one of the types of teachers you will have so when you do have the pleasure of having them, make sure to do a lot of self studying if you want to pass the class!

2 The Strict Teacher

You know not to kid around when your teacher has the notorious reputation for being stern, disciplinary and ‘humorless’. They don’t appreciate when you come in late to class even a couple of minutes late, give a load of homework on a daily basis and expect every student to go above and beyond. The only way to deal with this kind of teachers is to obey their rules! As long as you get on their good side and keep up the good behavior, you should be good for the year.

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3 The Funny Teacher

While there is a good number of hard-to-deal-with teachers, there is also a fair amount of teachers who brighten up your day and truly inspire you to strive toward greatness. They provide a bright environment in which students can learn a subject in a very entertaining and carefree manner. These are the types of teachers who eventually get through to even the most stubborn students!

4 The Forgetful Teacher

Every year of high school, there is always one teacher who forgets everything: homework, tests, worksheets and deadlines. They don’t seem to be a very organized so they struggle to get their lesson plan together. However teachers are humans too and they are not perfect, so while it might be frustrating that your education is suffering because of them, show initiative and help them out. Eventually you will figure out the best way to cope with their personality and excel in their class.

5 The One Who Picks Favorites

While it is not the most righteous things to do, many teachers tend to pick favorites. They bond with a few kids and unconsciously treat them differently in comparison to everyone else. Although they don’t realize it themselves, children are not oblivious to what is going on. Therefore if this is something that is happening to you, you can always be direct and bring up the subject of unfairness or try to passively deal with the problem by trying to connect with the teacher yourself.

Updated on 5/15/2023

In addition to picking favorites, teachers may also show favoritism by giving certain students more attention or better grades. This can be especially damaging to students who are already struggling academically or socially. It is important for students to recognize when a teacher is exhibiting favoritism and to speak up if they feel they are being treated unfairly. It is also important to remember that teachers are human and may not even realize they are showing favoritism. If a student feels they are being treated unfairly, they should try to talk to their teacher and explain their feelings in a respectful way.

6 The Talkative Teacher

I’ve met countless teachers who get sidetracked into off-topic conversations in the middle of the period. While at times it’s like a blessing in the skies, other times it can be very draining. So if you have had enough of these unrelated conversations, try to reel your teacher back into the lesson by asking appropriate lesson-related questions.

7 The Easily Influenced Teacher

Among the sea of different types of teachers, there are also teachers who are easily influenced by the class. They don’t really show their character and don’t act like the superior adults in the class, so they allow troublemakers and other distractions get in the way of their lessons. Therefore if you are really tired of letting the class take advantage of the teacher’s personality, try to give helpful suggestions and show your teacher the reality of the situation.

High school is mainly about expanding your education, but it is also about social interactions with students and teachers. While you will be able to immediately click with some of your teachers, others will take some work. What are some of your tips on how to deal with some of these types of teachers?

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My Algebra 1 teacher is pretty sensitive sometimes, and can be annoying with her emotional issues and her whining when she assumes that students are making fun of her when they really aren't. Either that or she will take 15 seconds to explain why she needs us to be quiet every time she tells us to stop talking. It's pretty annoying! The way I deal with it is by avoiding anything that will trigger those things she does and let my younger class mates know, "hey she gets this way....don't do that because I don't want to hear her complain..." then it works out!

Awesome article :D

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