The Best Reasons High School Grads Should Consider Community College ...

By Neecey

The Best Reasons High School Grads Should Consider  Community College ...

Choosing a college is one of the first major adult decisions you will make. It goes without saying that it needs much thinking about. You might have dreams of Ivy League schools or you might set your sights on a beautiful campus in a Southern state. But, have you considered community college? There are advantages you may not have even thought of.

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1 It’s a Much More Sensible Option Financially

A lot of community colleges have great courses, and you can get a worthwhile education without having to leave college with a whole heap of debt. Community college is definitely kinder on the wallet.

2 It’s a Much Easier Transition from High School

If the thought of graduating from high school and immediately moving out of your hometown scares you, then community college can be a nice and easy transition. You get to continue learning without the daunting prospect of moving away.

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3 Community College Runs a Much More Flexible Schedule

Unlike a regular state college, you can tailor your learning much more to your specific schedule at community college, with morning, afternoon and night classes being available to fit around work and other commitments.

4 You Can Give Equal Focus to College and Your Job

Because of the flexible class times that community colleges offer, you don’t have to make a sacrifice regarding your job which means that you will be able to learn while making money and furthering your career options.

5 The Class Sizes Are Much Smaller

One great benefit that community college has is that the class sizes are much smaller, giving your learning a much more personal feel compared to the large groups of people attending lectures at regular colleges.

6 You Can Actually Become Friendly with Professors

The whole atmosphere of a community college is much more relaxed, and because of this you are able to become really acquainted and friendly with your professors. I think that your learning can really benefit from a strong relationship with your teacher.

7 It is Much Easier to Get Involved on Campus

When your campus isn’t the size of a small town, it is much easier to navigate and become involved with all of the activities that you want to. A smaller community college campus can feel much more pleasant and personal.

8 All of Your New Friends Will Be Local

Because the college is community-based, all of the new friends that you make in classes will have the benefit of living close by to you already. No annoying distances to travel during holidays to see each other!

9 Community College Tends to Be More Diverse

The more diverse a college setting you experience in your youth, the more enlightened a person you will be going in to your adulthood. Whereas certain colleges are heavy on a single demographic, community colleges tend to have a much wider range of students.

10 There Are Lots of Opportunities for Community Involvement

The close-knit nature of a community college allows for its students to become really involved with their local surroundings, doing things like volunteering and attending local functions.

11 There is Much Less Competition for Scholarships

We would all love to get a full ride, but very few are handed them at the big name colleges. The situation is different with community college, however, with institutions connecting with local businesses to provide support to many.

12 It’s a Much Less Stressful Environment

Whereas places like Harvard and NYU can be very tense and stressful, the learning environment of a community college is much more relaxed, which in turn can help you to learn better.

13 Community College Gives You Time to Decide

If you don’t know what you want to do straight out of high school, then going to community college and taking general classes gives you time to decide on a major.

14 High School Students Can Get a Second Chance

If you were the type of student that didn’t particularly apply yourself in high school, community college is there to give you a second chance at higher learning. You can prove yourself in a nice environment.

15 You Can Grow and Learn on Your Own Terms

Community college doesn’t coddle you. You get to do the learning that you want to do while growing in to a mature adult with responsibilities at the same time.

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