Easy Ways to Make Friends for Fresher Girls off to College ...

By Lucy

Easy Ways to Make Friends for Fresher Girls off to College ...

One of the best things about starting college is all of the people who you'll be surrounded with every single day to come! ❤️

Sure, they might seem like strangers at first but remember that they're in exactly the same shoes as you so don't be afraid to reach out and let others get to know the amazing person and friend that you are! Remember to be yourself and allow new, positive friendships to enter your life! 🌸

Here are just a few great way you can go about making new friends, so I really hoped this helped you get some ideas and don't forget to comment your thoughts! ✨

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1 Find Mutual Friends through an Existing Friend

If you've got a close friend (or someone you know quite well) who's coming with you to college, use this to your advantage by getting to know a few of their friends who you might not know yet. This could be simple and easy as hanging out with them when you both have free time, introduce yourself and try your best to keep the conversation going!

2 Make an Effort to Talk to New People

Starting college can be pretty stressful and sometimes being in a new, unfamiliar environment can cause us to want to close ourselves off from people, especially if we're not feeling totally comfortable or settled in yet.

That being said, even if you're more on the shy, quiet or introverted side it really does pay to step outside of your comfort zone every now and again.

Putting yourself out there and making an effort to make new friends will more than likely pay off, so even though it might feel unnatural to some, it's definitely worth giving it a go if you get a few new friends out of it!

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3 Join Clubs, Teams, Sports and Other Activities

One of the best things about starting college is the various different activities that you can join and become a part of. Not surprisingly, it's also a great way to meet new people and therefore make friends!

One of the best reasons to make friends at these various sports, teams, clubs or other activities that you're interested in joining is that others are also interested in it too, so you have something in common with the others in the group before you even get there!

4 Attend Parties, Get-togethers and Meet-ups

So I know not everyone loves to go to parties or feels comfortable in that kind of environment (myself being one of them) but you have to admit that parties and get-togethers are a perfect place to meet people as you're pretty much surrounded by them!

With this approach, you can't really go wrong in a place where everyone is chilled out, relaxed and keen to have a good time, so use this to get yourself into a social butterfly kind of mood as well as to take the pressure off and relieve any nerves you might have!

5 Speak up and Make Your Presence Known

You can totally make friends with the people who are in the same classes as you, too! Even though this might not be easy for everyone, it's really great if you can encourage yourself to speak up and share your opinion in your classes.

This will be a massive boost to your confidence and make you feel much more comfortable with public speaking, as well as reminding others that you're there to talk to and get to know!

Others won't be able to help but notice you if you're always ready to share your thoughts and opinion as you speak up about various things in class!

6 Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is pretty much everywhere these days and it even seems like you can see someone's whole life when you look at their page (whether that's on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, just to name a few) so make sure you use this to your advantage if you want to make a few more friends!

Check out the 'mutual friends' tab on your current friends to see who you could potentially get to know and don't forget to look at the suggestions of people that often come up on your news feed. Then when you're ready add a few of them and see where it goes! Even if you don't feel comfortable or ready to start a conversation with them just yet, at least you know that you're totally able to when you do feel ready.

7 Remove Bad Friendships to Make Room for New Ones

Making it through high school might not have been a pleasant experience for everyone and it's likely that at some point or another you came into contact with a bad friend or a negative or even toxic friendship. If you can relate to this just remember that you're off to college soon and that can mean a fresh start if you feel that you could benefit from one!

However, it's a good idea to try and 'cut off' or finish these bad friendships before you get to college in order to have this fresh start and to give yourself the room to branch out and make new friends. As you might have guessed, this can be hard to do when you're still hanging onto the old, expired friendships that didn't serve or benefit you in the past.

Please know that it's completely okay to choose to end or exit a friendship if it had a negative effect on you and remember that you will be so much better off with it, and that particular person, out of your life for good! It could take some time, but the best way to cut off a bad or toxic friendship is to prepare yourself to mentally move on from it and you might want to delete them off social media as a way to help you forget about them so you can start afresh.

Even if it takes you a while to make new friends at college, don't be tempted to go back to these old friendships and try to revive them just for the sake of having someone to talk to. From personal experience I can honestly tell you that I've been in that exact situation before after I left high school, and these kinds of negative friendships are simply best left alone. It's much better to wait for a healthy, positive friendship to come into your life. All you have to do is be patient and remember that good things come to those who wait!

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