7 Mini Vacation Spring Break Ideas for Seniors Who Are Saving for College ...


A note to my fellow seniors: we’re almost there, the end is near! Hooray! But wait, what’s that I see on the horizon? Empty bank accounts, ugly-crying over credit card bills, awkward conversations with mom and dad asking for more money... Only you can prevent this fate by saving money during your senior year! However, you should still have fun! So for seniors who are saving for college, here area few mini vacation spring break ideas!

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Camping allows you to go somewhere fun with friends without forking out a ton of your savings just to stay in a hotel. Set up camp near a beach, then spend your break roasting marshmallows and exploring nature. For seniors who are concerned about saving money for college, but still want to vacation over spring break, this is a great way to have the best of both worlds! You’ll get to have a great time with friends, but not feel guilty in six months when you’ve started the next chapter of your life.


Ride the Rails

If you want to see more than one place over break, see the entire coastline, or several different cities by taking a long train ride! With cars and planes now, people hardly think about taking trains for long-distance travel, but it’s a great way to get to know your home better. And it can be relaxing and fun if you bring along friends and make an adventure out of it!


Fun in the Sun

Of course, this is what spring break was made for! Go to the beach as much as possible to start working on your summer tan and blow off steam from the school year. If it’s a long trip, make sure everyone chips in for gas to cut down on expenses, and maybe pack a picnic instead of eating out. Then, this mini vacation ends up costing less than 10$ per person! Now that’s what I call spring break on a budget!


Road Trip

Road trips and spring break go hand in hand! Road trips are the ideal way to spend an unforgettable time with your besties before you all go your separate ways in college. Have everyone chip in for gas and food, and either camp or stay with relatives and friends over night when you need to. The trip can easily become financially manageable, but still as much fun as any expensive trip!



If you can afford a plane or train ticket, get out your suitcase and head to an unfamiliar land—to you at least. If you travel somewhere and stay with family or a friend’s family, your trip can be relatively inexpensive. You still get to see new things, but you don’t have to pay for a hotel and food. Plus, you get a free native tour guide!


Explore Nature

National Parks usually do charge a small fee for parking and visiting the park, but it’s completely worth it when you consider all of the majestic beauty you’ll experience! I think it’s critical for young people to get in touch with nature before they enter the “real world”. Find yourself and how you fit into the big picture before college makes you feel small or overstressed!



Lastly, every spring break needs a day of rest and relaxation! Treat yourself to a spa day out at a local spa, which are usually cheaper on weak days, or simply at home! Invite your friends over to paint nails, do face and hair masks, and lie out in the sun. It will restore you inside and out so that you look positively radiant when you return to school the next week!

There you have it! Seven fabulous ways to spend your spring break that won’t leave you feeling guilty about blowing college savings. But I know these aren’t the only amazing things you’d like to do on your spring break! What other cheap ideas do you have for mini vacations?

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I wouldn't agree with crashing on someone's families couch. It's an inconvenience to them. Also, don't expect them to feed you...

Olivia, I have actually tried this. And with people I didn't even know. Total strangers. The thing is to speak with theM beforehand and come to an agreement. You can offer to pay a small amount for letting you stay, or arrive with a gift if they won't take the money. But that's up to you. Of course I agree, you can't expect them to feed you, but you can ask them to, in exchange for something. Nothing wrong with that. And it's still less expensive than a hotel night. ;)

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