Teenagers Guide on How to Convince Your Parents You're Ready to Date ...


Teenagers Guide on How to Convince Your Parents  You're Ready to Date ...
Teenagers Guide on How to Convince Your Parents  You're Ready to Date ...

Wondering how to convince your parents you're ready to date? So it’s gotten to a point where you’ve tried everything you can, and it still hasn’t worked. How are you supposed to convince your super strict parents that it’s time to let their “little girl” explore the great world of dating?

Here are the top ten answers to how to convince your parents you're ready to date.

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Show Maturity

If you whine and shout at them, they’ll never see you as an adult. You want them to believe you are capable of making the right decisions. Being mature is the best answer to how to convince your parents you're ready to date.


To exhibit this maturity, approach the conversation with calmness and preparation. Consider their concerns and have thoughtful responses ready. If they see that you’ve contemplated the responsibilities and emotions involved in dating, it demonstrates your readiness. Be open to their advice and willing to compromise. Remember, using logic and reason over emotion during discussions can go a long way in showing your parents that you're approaching this new phase in your life with both seriousness and sensitivity.


Bring Home a Good Guy

Chances are, if you’re asking to date you have someone in mind. Make sure the person you choose is someone your parents will approve of.


Keep up Your Grades

Part of being allowed to date is showing your parents that you have your priorities in order. Keeping your grades up will show them that you are capable of managing a schedule.


Show Respect to Your Parents

Make sure you listen to their side of the argument. Remain calm throughout it and make your points clear.


Show Respect to Yourself

Let your parents know that you will show respect to yourself first and foremost in your relationship. Your parents’ priority is to keep you safe, and you want them to know you will be.


Communicating to your parents that you value your self-worth and you're aware of who you are is vital. It's about showing them that you understand the importance of self-respect in all aspects of life, including dating. By asserting that you’ll maintain your standards and not settle for less than you deserve, you’re demonstrating maturity. Remind them that respecting yourself also means setting boundaries and not allowing anyone to undermine your principles or pressure you into anything you’re uncomfortable with. This approach reassures them that you’re capable of making responsible decisions, even in the realm of romance.

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Let Them Know You Understand Their Perspective

When they’re talking and bringing up things you perhaps didn’t prepare for in this conversation, hear them out. Make sure you tell them you hear them, but tell them they have nothing to worry about and that you are capable of handling something this serious.


Tell Them You’ll Be Honest with Whatever Happens

Make sure they know that you’ll be keeping them in the loop. Whatever questions they ask, you should be willing to answer. It doesn't need to be secretive.


Agree to Compromise

If they say yes, but with conditions, try it out. See how it goes, and thank them for their time.


Tell Them You’ll Make Time for Other Things

You want to make sure they know this won’t be an all-encompassing thing. You will have other aspects of your life besides your relationship and will continue to be a well-rounded individual.


Give Them Time to Make a Decision

Don’t run up to them and tell them you need an answer by tonight. Give it a week and see what they say. Don’t constantly bring it up, but mention it after a few days.

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