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10 Things to do Every Day to Feel More Productive ...

By Leiann

Do you feel like your days are unproductive? Well, this YouTube video should point you in the right direction! Jeanine Amapola has 10 suggestions on what you should do every day so as not to waste your time.

Published on Feb 19, 2017

I believe she has all the bases loaded, except for one thing... a part-time job. I believe a part-time job while a teen teaches responsibility, the meaning of hard work and what it takes to earn a dollar.

Some teens are spoiled rotten and never outgrow it. They rely on daddy and mommy for money way up until way after the high school years are over. Do you want to be one of them? I worked at a steak restaurant, had to stay until after closing then had a 30-minute drive back and forth. Yes, I had to borrow the family car, but I was still learning the meaning of earning a dollar. Do you understand my point?

Anyway, I hope you take all of her advice. She has some wise words of wisdom and I think she is easy to relate to.

Thank you for watching!

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