Great Way to Celebrate Graduation Right in Your Living Room ...


Great Way to Celebrate Graduation Right in Your Living Room ...
Great Way to Celebrate Graduation Right in Your Living Room ...

Graduation is a very important step in everyone’s life that should not be underestimated. Years later, you will feel nostalgic and smile thinking about your school times. This is a very special phase in your life, and you have to honor it and celebrate with your friends and family. However, the current situation leaves us no room for making plans, graduation parties are being postponed or canceled, and we have no clue when things will go back to normal.

But what about some less conventional ways to celebrate this amazing date?

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Unique Ways to Celebrate

You can organize an online party with your classmates over video chat. Alternatively, you can make graduation cards for your friends with best wishes and funny photos and quotes. Another way is to make a slideshow with the best photos from your school years to commemorate this day. Let’s dig into the slideshow idea and see what we can accomplish.


How to Organize a Slideshow

First of all, contact your classmates and collect all the most amazing photos from school times and choose the top hundred. To make your work more dynamic and exciting, look for some videos as well. Maybe you went on a school trip once or twice? Use these photos too, they will certainly bring up some great memories and make your friends laugh and share these incredible stories with each other.


How to Make It Even More Amazing with Music

Don’t forget to pick a perfect tune for your slideshow. Your video should be lively and powerful, so go for a fast-paced energetic song. Maybe you and your friends have an “our” song that will fit here, alternatively check out these suggestions:

- This is How We Do it- Montell Jordan
- Lean on Me – Club Nouveau
- Celebration – Kool & the Gang
- Get the Party Started – Pink
- Best Day of My Life – American Authors


The Finale of the Slideshow

Finally, think of some wishes and congratulations to complement the slideshow. Ask your classmates, teachers, and parents for warm words to make your work more sentimental and sincere. Also, recall the best quotes from your friends or just funny sayings that got stuck in your memory.

Can you already picture it? Looks great, right? Now it is time to discuss the right software for the job.


Which Software to Use?

There are so many programs nowadays that you can get lost choosing the most suitable, especially, if you are not a professional graphic designer.

Powerpoint might work but it is better known for business presentations and its artistic potential is very limited.

Take a look at SmartSHOW 3D - a slideshow maker that will help you create an original and creative video for any occasion. Imagine getting access to over 350 animation and transition effects as well as 100+ predesigned templates for any purpose.

Besides that, you will discover a huge music library with over 200 royalty-free tracks and the voice comment feature. Finally, benefit from the built-in basic photo editing tools.
Sounds pretty neat, right?

SmartSHOW 3D will help you realize your creative ideas and make a great slideshow for you and your friends to treasure for many years. Enjoy the complete step-by-step guide for a graduation slideshow maker.

Although we are living in confusing and even challenging times, graduation is still one of the most precious moments of your life. Remember that and try to make this event significant and worthwhile. Stay safe!

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