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8 Types of Guys to Consider when Choosing Your Perfect Prom Date ...

By Laura

Prom season is upon us, and whether you want to admit it or not, you're excited! Prom is something you'll remember forever so it's important to pick the right date. From, here are 8 types of people to consider when you're searching for the perfect date to make your magical night one you'll want to remember, as opposed to picking the wrong guy and having it a night you'll remember for all the wrong reasons.

1 The One Who's Forever in the Friend Zone

screenshot, action film, speech, You don't have any lovey feels for this person, but they sure do for you. For that reason, you will be treated like royalty all evening. You won't need to win the crown to feel like Khaleesi, because your date is using this already romantic setting to win your heart. Just be clear about how you really feel, but also be sweet about it because they have never been more vulnerable than right now.

2 The One You've Been Crushing on for AGES

face, hair, glasses, person, vision care, It's like straight out of a '90s high school rom-com. You've had your eye on this person for so long, and they have FINALLY noticed you and asked you to prom. Much like the above situation, proceed with caution. Because now YOU are the vulnerable one. Ideally, the night will end with a magical kiss from your dream guy or girl on your doorstep. Worst case scenario, you find out that your crush is a d-bag and you're better off without them. Either way, you'll be just fine, I promise.

3 The One You Reserved as a Backup

disco, nightclub, party, bachelorette party, dance, Let's be real. There's one person you really want to go with. If they don't ask you, you already have a backup plan. It's not mean, it's just math. That doesn't mean you dislike your backup, it just means the odds of you going to prom with a date are in your favor because you explored all scenarios. And bonus, the backup brings a lot less pressure for romance and magic, so you can just party and relax.

4 The One Who's Only There for the Crown

musical theatre, For some people, the title of Prom King or Prom Queen is a huge deal. At the time, it certainly seems like recognition that will matter forever. Spoiler alert: it won't. Even in college, nobody cares what you did or whose table you sat at in your high school cafeteria. But if you attend with a crown chaser, expect them to be distracted until the moment comes.

5 The One Who's Really Just an Acquaintance

, You're single. He's single. Your groups of friends are distantly entwined, and you know each other's names. You both needed dates, so bang, boom, you decided to attend together. It's a giant question mark on the evening as a whole, so it could be fun or it could be terrible. The gamble itself will make the night an interesting one though.

6 The One Who's Only Focused on the Post-prom Hookup

muscle, screenshot, action film, sense, Prom comes with completely ridiculous expectations for sex, and there will be prom dates assuming the night will end horizontally. If you're ready for that, go for it (safely, of course). But if you're not and you can sense that your date is counting down the minutes until said hookup might take place, then make it clear you have zero interest. If your date seems annoyed or frustrated that they won't be getting any, then it's time to ditch them mid-prom and hang with your friends because he/she ain't worth it.

7 The One Who Hates All Things Prom

person, people, man, grass family, sense, Why is there always a prom-goer who seems to be there just to complain and protest the entire event? Why even go if you hate everything prom stands for? If this is your date, my condolences. But the one place this person will not be interested in is the dance floor, so set up shop in the middle with your BFFs, and don't return to your Negative Nancy until the end of the night.

8 The One Who's Naturally the Life of the Party

fashion, dance, wedding reception, This is probably the best date to have at prom because they are down to dance, down to slow dance, down to small talk, and down for everything, really. This kind of energy is contagious, so if you've scored this person as your date, you've hit the prom jackpot.

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