7 Awesome Things to Look Forward to in College ...


7 Awesome Things to Look Forward to in College ...
7 Awesome Things to Look Forward to in College ...

So you’re off to college or university. Congratulations! This is the start of a great journey and an exciting time of major change in your life. It can be scary at first, but it is still thrilling. There are some truly great adventures and awesome things to look forward to in college.

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Living in a Dorm

One of the top things to look forward to in college is dorming! While many people hesitate about sharing their living space with a complete stranger, usually things work out for the best. You find someone who shares your interests and living habits, and before you know it you become best friends with that person. From then on, it is as if you are having a sleepover every day! Plus, it is nice to have someone around you if you start feeling homesick.


Your Class Schedule is Easier than in High School

While college classes are significantly more difficult and require a lot more self-discipline, the class schedule is usually very relaxed. Instead of staying in school for 7 straight hours like you must in high school, your classes will be a few a day with long breaks in between. You will even have days when you will be able to sleep in and still make it to class on time. You will however, need to learn self-control because you won’t have your parents waking you up every morning or teachers constantly reminding you that your assignment is due the next day.


The Opportunities for a Full Social Life Are Greater

One of the perks of staying on campus during your first year of college is that you are able to make friends and form connections at a faster pace. You are surrounded by thousands of individuals of the same age, who are in a very similar position, so it is very easy to start a conversation. And then there’s the weekend college parties.


Get Involved in Greek Life

If you are so inclined, the Greek life system really adds to the college experience. We have all seen it in movies and TV shows, and now it is finally about time you get to rush for yourself. Joining a sorority can be a lot of fun as it serves as an easy access to the tight-knit community and it enables you to participate in your college. Plus the sisterhood can leave you with plethora of connections after you graduate and enter the real world.


You Have Greater Freedom and Independence

Parents are protective and while we know they are looking out for us, it is nice to have some independence at times. While we know we are going to miss being sheltered and mothered, college is a way for you to stimulate your independence. There will be no early curfews and essentially no limitations. Of course, independence will come with lots of drawbacks, like having to finally act like an adult and deal with your own problems, but that is just part of growing up.

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Opportunities to Study Abroad

If you have always wanted to travel but never really had the chance to bring your dream to life, this is the time to do it! Many colleges offer amazing study abroad programs to some amazing places around the world. You will be able to explore new cultures and get a taste of other countries without leaving your studies behind.


College is a Clean Slate

Attending college far away from home is very cleansing and therapeutic. It is nice to have a change of scenery along with a clean slate. It is up to you to decide who you are and who you want to become. There is no baggage following you to college, so you are able to reinvent yourself with nothing holding you back!
What are you looking forward to the most in college?

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