How to Comfort a Friend Who Received a College Rejection Letter ...

By Lydia

How to Comfort a Friend Who Received a College Rejection Letter ...

Wondering how to comfort a friend who has received a college rejection letter? Applying to college is a really stressful and emotional time, and those emotions are heightened even more when the worst happens and you get rejected from your first choice school. This application season, you might be faced with the challenge of trying to console a friend who has received bad news, and that can be really tricky, especially if you have been accepted to your own choice of college in the meantime. It’s all about knowing what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. Having tact and being sympathetic at times like this is essential! Here is how to comfort a friend who has received a college rejection letter.

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1 It Feels like the End of the World, but It’s Not

It is important to be empathetic and let them know that you understand it feels like the end of the world for them, but it is equally important to help them see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of countless different options. One college rejection letter does not make a failed academic career, there are so many more chances out there. Being empathetic and practical are two of the best answers for how to comfort a friend who has received a college rejection letter.

2 What is Meant to Be Will Be

Try to help them understand that this might just be an obstacle on the path to bigger success. Life has a funny way of setting you on the right track in the end, so maybe this college rejection is the start of a great adventure that sees them ending up somewhere unexpected, but perfect for them.

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3 Don’t Take It Personally

Your friend needs to see that although they poured their sweat and tears into the application, on the other side it just looked and felt like hundreds of identical students trying to gain a place. When they see it like this, they will start to take the rejection a lot less personally. They are not discriminating against you as a person, it really can often be a case of flipping a coin.

4 No Regrets

There is no point in your friend falling into a dark place and thinking of all the regrets that they have about the application. Tell them that if they did everything that they possibly could have, then there are no regrets to have. If there was something particular, then they should take it as a positive motivator for reapplying and doing it right the next time around.

5 No One’s Business but Yours

People can feel a lot of shame about being rejected from their dream college, and dread having to reveal to everyone that they didn’t get in. It is important to help them remember that it is no one’s business but their own. They aren’t going to college for others, they are going for themselves, and whatever final route it ends up taking will have been worth it.

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