How to πŸ“– Make College 🏫 the Best πŸ‘ Years of Your Life πŸ—“ ...


Congratulations on becoming a freshman and welcome to what could be the best years of your life. Yes, it is about work and study and getting the degree, but college is also a place to discover who you are, find out what your purpose is, and learn how you are going to chase your dreams after you graduate. It is about finding the balance between studying and your social life and experiencing everything you can that will add to your character as you mature into your 20s. Here’s how to make college the best years of your life.


You will at times feel pressured to act against your natural instincts and there are so many different people that come from different backgrounds, different states, and different upbringings that it can be easy to lose yourself in the crowd. Don’t ever lose sight of your morals and values. Always act with integrity and this will serve you well in the future too.