Ultimate List of Tips to Help You Revise Smarter ...


Ultimate List of Tips to Help You Revise Smarter  ...
Ultimate List of Tips to Help You Revise Smarter  ...

Knowing you have to revise can make you feel like you have to be attached at the hip to your books and notes. If you can't get into the right mindset, don't have the right tools or plan, you can find yourself flailing around, and ultimately failing. What you need before you even think about staring is this list of best revision tips ... ever ... like ever, ever,

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Exercise The healthier your body is, the healthier your mind is and the more enthused you will be to be productive and revise.


Take Breaks

Take Breaks Don’t power through. Take a ten-minute break every hour to recharge your batteries.


Take Care

Take Care Don’t put revision above your own health; you will be no good during exams if you are ill.



Meditate Take some time out to meditate. Focusing your mind can do wonders for boosting productivity.


Record Yourself

Record Yourself Make voice notes of important facts to learn so that you can revise while you are on the move.



Apps Make the most of all the brilliant revision apps that are available for tablets and smartphones nowadays.


Sync Notes

Sync Notes Sync your notes between your phone, tablet and computer so that you can always get to them in any situation.



Sleep It’s vital that you get the regular, recommended amount of sleep per night; your brain needs time to relax and refresh.


Less Caffeine

Less Caffeine Don’t overdo it with energy drinks and coffee; it will have the opposite affect that you are hoping for.



Daylight If you can, revise outside; the sunlight has wonderful powers for productivity and enthusiasm.


Avoid Late Night Snacks

Avoid Late Night Snacks You can get in to a better sleeping regime ready to revise again tomorrow by not having any late night snacks.


Exam Calendar

Exam Calendar Mark down all the important dates of exams so that you can plan your revision accordingly.


Past Papers

Past Papers Find some past papers to look through and get a feel of the kinds of questions; they can be helpful in guiding your revision.


Study Group

Study Group If you work better in a team, organize a study group with some friends to help each other prepare.


Teach Friends

Teach Friends Sometimes details stick in your head better if you are telling them to somebody else. Test it out by teaching a friend your revision.


Repeat Notes

Repeat Notes Help your revision to cement itself in your mind by writing out your notes for second or even third time. Repetition is key.



Flashcards Flashcards should be your new best friend. You can take them anywhere and the bite size information really sticks in your brain.


Make a Video

Make a Video Make a video of yourself saying some key revision facts that you can turn to when you can’t bear to read anymore.


Word Clouds

Word Clouds Make as many world clouds as you can. They are a great way to encourage your brain to expand on a single idea.


Mind Maps

Mind Maps Mind maps perform exactly the same function as word clouds but for a wider topic.


Use Colors

Use Colors The brain responds better to an array of different colours, so use more than just a blue or black pen.


Easy Font

Easy Font Make sure you type your notes out in an easy to read, simple looking font. You don’t want any distractions.


No Block Text

No Block Text Spread your notes out in nice, easy to read lines. Avoid big blocks of text that are going to switch your brain off.



Highlighters Use highlighter pens to pick out the most important facts that you need from your revision.


Say It Aloud

Say It Aloud Talk to yourself while you are revising. Verbalizing details often makes them stick better.


Sing It

Sing It Even better, turn it in to a song if you can. This is especially effective for foreign language revision.


Different Accent

Different Accent Make sure your brain is switched on by saying your revision out loud in a different accent!


No Booze

No Booze Stay away from alcohol when you need to revise. Even a single glass of wine can reduce memory by ten percent.



Fish Have fish for dinner, the omega-3 content will help to boost your brain activity.


Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated Our brains are at the most healthy when we are fully hydrated; remember to drink plenty of water.


Good Diet

Good Diet Try to maintain a good diet when you are revising. Junk food will make you feel sluggish.



Timetable Take some initiative and make a timetable for your studies so you always know what you should be doing.


Allow Time

Allow Time Be realistic and begin your revision early enough to get everything done before the deadline/exam.



Folders Keep revision for all your different subjects nice and separate with the help of a few trusty organizing folders.



Library Get away from the distractions of home by going and revising in your nearest library. Silence is golden!



Tidy Tidy up your revision space before your begin. A clean room equals a clean mind.


Classical Music

Classical Music It has been proven that having classical music on in the background can boost your productivity levels.



Lighting Make sure that the lighting in your room is strong enough, as if it is too low you will get an early headache.


Daily Targets

Daily Targets Set yourself daily targets for how much revision you want to get done, and stick to them.


Be Realistic

Be Realistic Don’t go in expecting to learn and entire subject in a day. Be realistic with your expectations.


Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself Be sure to reward yourself when you have had a productive session. It will make you feel so good!

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