Watch This Video to See Which Type of Annoying Parents You Have ...

By Carly

Watch  This Video  to See Which  Type of Annoying  Parents  You Have ...

There are certainly some annoying types of parents. Even if you had the very best and healthiest relationship with your parents when you were growing up, it is absolutely guaranteed that at some point, whether in your teen years or morphing into your adult years, you will have described them as annoying!

We don’t quite know how they do it, and we don’t quite know whether there is a secret parental society in which they all get together to decide their next infuriating plans and moves, but both mothers and fathers seem to have their own individual ways of getting under their children’s skin. Do you think that there is an unwritten rule out there in the universe that dictates that as soon as you become a parent, you have to become as annoying as possible to your poor offspring until the day that you die?

Don’t get me wrong: we all love our parents and most of us wouldn’t be here without them, but there are certain things that they do and certain things that they say that can turn a perfectly normal time together into a minefield of annoying behaviour! I have found a really fun video that breaks down some of the most common and most annoying parental stereotypes. Sit back and take a look. I can almost guarantee that you will notice your own folks portrayed in at least one of the representations. If you’re really unlucky, they might be a combination of two or three! Here are the most annoying types of parents.

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