9 Tips to Help Teens Stop Obsessing about Weight ...

By Heather

9 Tips to Help Teens Stop Obsessing about Weight ...

To stop obsessing over your weight, you need to know a few things in order to do so effectively. I understand how much your weight can affect your self esteem, making this hard to do. In high school, no one would have ever thought I was self conscious about my weight. In fact, my entire high school life, I can’t remember one person ever criticizing me on it, but I sure did. I always felt self conscious about my weight, and understand that many teens out there feel just like I did. I’d like to share with you some things you can do to stop obsessing over your weight that worked well for me. It took me way too long to learn these, but if I could talk to my teenage self, here’s what I’d tell her.

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1 Your Body is Changing

One thing you need to remember to stop obsessing over your weight is to know it’s in a state of change. Your hormones have just kicked into gear, and with that comes natural shifts in your weight and appetite. Your body is changing, so be patient with it. It will give you the ultimate weight that is best for you if you take care of it.

2 Calories Are a Good Thing

I used to think calories were the devil, but now I know they’re simply a source of energy. Calories mean energy by definition, or the measuring of. Start remembering that, and remember that what you eat is what gives you energy. Your weight isn’t always a reflection of eating a high calorie diet, especially in your teenage years when it needs extra fuel.

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3 Your Menstrual Cycle Affects Your Weight

Your menstrual cycle can also naturally alter your weight, which is a good thing! This gives you female curves, and enhances your hormone health. Your body will also naturally need more calories during your period, because it is losing vitamins and minerals through blood. Remember, your body is smart, and your menstrual cycle is all part of the equation to help your body bring balance where it is needed.

4 A Simple, Clean Diet is Best

Don’t turn to any fancy products or dieting schemes out there. I know there are many dieting hypes that are marketed towards teens today, many of which are unhealthy. Stop looking to celebrities for dieting tips, and just start eating clean and balanced. If I had known this years ago, I would have saved myself so much food drama, and detrimental health issues too. I didn’t want to take the time to nourish myself through clean, simple food, and I paid majorly for it later by developing unhealthy beliefs around food that became harder to break.

5 One Size Doesn’t Fit All

I’m not just talking about your jean size here, girls! One diet or way of eating isn’t what’s best for all of us. Don’t look to your friend or possibly someone you look up to and think you have to eat like them. Your body is unique to you, and one way to stop obsessing about your weight is to appreciate that. Learn to eat foods that make you feel healthy and balanced, not what will help you lose weight the fastest. When you effectively do this, you’ll develop the most phenomenal body you ever thought possible!

6 Weight Loss Doesn’t Make You Happy

I wish so badly I could convince my teenage self of this. I thought if I could lose weight, I’d finally be happy, but what I learned was the opposite. Focusing on my weight more made me sad, depressed, and discouraged. This doesn’t help your life in any way or form. Start seeing your weight as what provides fuel to your life, nutrition to your cells, and gives you ability to demonstrate your gifts to the world. Weight is a good thing, not a bad thing, so long as it comes from healthy foods.

7 Don’t Feed Your Body Junk

You also need to get away from junk food and fast food to take care of your mind and body the best. Did you know that these foods are addictive and can create a cycle that leads to guilt, shame, and return to eating them all over again? They’re also the worst way to get a healthy body, and regardless how they are marketed, they aren’t good for you. When you focus on eating healthy and taking care of yourself the right way, then you’ll see your weight becomes less of a care to you. Giving up junk food and fast food was the best thing I ever did, and it helped me see food as more than just something to fill my mouth with.

8 Talk It out

Another way you can often gain perspective on your body image is to talk it out with someone you trust. Talk about why you feel certain negative feelings about your body. Doing so might help you see an unhealthy belief you didn’t know you had, or they might can help you find a solution.

9 Move Daily

Exercise is often associated with weight loss, but can actually be used to combat weight loss obsession. How so? For me, I found when I exercised for my body, and not to lose weight, that I had a natural desire to take care of myself the right way. I realized that my body likes to move, and likes to be active, so I wanted to fuel it properly with enough of the right foods. Moving through any activity that you enjoy is a great way to reduce stress, stop obsessing, and appreciate your body on a whole new level.

However old you are, these rules can apply to you, yet especially if you’re a teen. Teens have an advantage to take charge of their health the right way, and the healthy way, if they put their minds to it. Move, be active, fuel your body with enough energy, and eat clean foods. Practice stress-reducing activities you enjoy, and remember, life is so much more than what you weigh! Do you have any tips for ways to stop obsessing about losing weight?

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I lost one stone and nearly 6 pounds in a year through a healthy lifestyle. It made me happy and proud of myself because I actually felt healthier and better about myself. Once, I was offered a crisp by a friend and felt sick after.

It's so hard for teens to focus and the healthy aspect. My daughter lost forty pounds and gained ten back. She is happy and energetic and therefore more confident. She doesn't care about the extra ten. I'm so proud of her and her positive attitude. If only other teens could learn this lesson

Im 4 and weigh 134 pounds it bothers me a lot i dont look like i weigh that much because in really small i am trying to find a quick and easy way to lose weight before school starts up on the 24 of august #suggestion

I beg to differ, weight loss can make someone happy.

Losing weight the right way actually can make you happy. I lost thirty pounds during high school after joining cross country and eating healthier. It won't make all of your problems go away, but if you've been working hard for it, it feels really good.

are you sure they dont care. coz in my highschool life. people always said im skinny. even in college. which is now. but after one semester in college people keeps telling me. heyy you look fat. n etc.. now I have to workout to be skinny again.

May not be a teen (well i am 19) still, I am struggling with my weight and yes i hate myself ... This article made me feel better

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